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350 Legend Rifle | A Gift For Hunters

350 legend

350 legend rifle is the fastest straight-walled hunting cartridge all around the world. 350 legend rifle is specially designed for hunters and shooters. This rifle provides shooters with a unique design and fast shooting rate.

The gun has been made by Winchester Repeating Arms. 350 has broken all the records of Winchester’s History. The 350 rifle has more features than other shooting guns of Winchester.

Here you can see quick features of 350 rifle which are more powerful than other guns.

Effective Range250 yards
Energy FT-LB903
Recoil8.52 pounds
Penetration Rate11.7”
Case TypeStraight Walled
Bullet Diameter9.068–0.076 mm
Base Diameter9.9mm
Rim Thickness1.1mm
Neck Diameter9.6mm
Rim Diameter1.1mm
Overall Length57mm
Case Length43mm
Primer TypeSmall Rifle
Rifling Twist410mm

About 350 Legend Rifle:

350 legend is the fastest straight-walled hunting cartridge throughout the world. With a high penetration rate and accuracy, it is the favorite rifle for most deer hunters because it is specially designed for deer hunters.

The .350 rifle has been made by Winchester Repeating Arms in the 2019s in the United States. There are many characteristics of 350 which are similar to 233 Remington. Due to these similarities, it’s not necessary to modify magazines to be filled in AR magazines.

Over the history of Winchester, 350 is the most successful Cartridge among most of their cartridges like 308 Winchester, .22WMR, 458 Winchester Magnum, 264 Winchester Magnum, etc.

350 legend recoil:

350 Legend Recoil has 63% less recoil than the Bushmaster, 11% less recoil than 30-30 Win, and 18% less recoil than 243 Win.

350 rifles can be used to kill deer, hogs, and coyotes.  

350 Legend Ballistics:

350 Legend Ballistics

350 Legend Ballistics had a fast shooting rate specially created for deer hunting. For deer hunters, it is very important to take a gun in your hand with high pressure and effect. The effective range of this rifle is 250 yards.

The range could be varying with weather and environment.

350 legend ballistics comparison:

350 legend ballistics comparison

350 legend ballistics comparison with 30-30 Win, 243 Win, and 300 Blackout in the picture is given below:

350 gun has 14% energy higher than 300 Blackout, 49% higher than 233 Rem, and 15 % more energy than 30-30 Win.

350 legend Ammo:

350 legend ammo size is .35 Caliber which is good enough for deer hunters.

350 had different types of skins. If you are a deer hunter and looking for bushes-like skin, 350 rifle has this skin. Most of the skins of 350 are bushes-like to get hide in the bushes and make hunting easier.


Although there are many choices for buyers in the market, 350 legend has its name in the world of hunters. Following is the comparison of 350 with other guns:

350 legend vs 450 bushmaster:

350 legend has smaller and lightweight bullets with higher velocity than 450 Bushmaster. The kinetic energy of 350 legend is less than 450 Bushmaster. 350 has less recoil than 450 Bushmaster which is very helpful for use on deer-sized games.

350 legend vs 300 blackout:

350 legend has more energy than 300 Blackout. 350 rifle has 14% more energy than 300 Blackout.

An important thing is that 350 is legal for use in many countries. 350 rifle has a huge shooting range at higher accuracy. 350 has more muzzle energy, ammo availability but limitation about magazines.

You can watch 350 rifle in Action in the below video:

These were the specifications and comparison of 350 legend rifles with other guns. If you are a hunter, 350 rifle is for you. Use 350 without the tension of legality as it is legal in many countries.

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