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What Are the Different Types of Allied Health Assistants? 

Allied Health Assistants

Doctors, nurses, and pharmacists are not only the people who make the healthcare world function. They have partnered with another individual for accuracy and high performance in this industry. Allied health assistants are behind every successful operation, therapy, and other medical thing. 

It is more convenient for someone to come to a hospital for check-ups or other purposes with the help of allied health assistants. These people are well-trained and have established their careers through education and experience. Several types of allied health assistants are thrilling to know about.

If you wish to be part of the hospital staff or a clinic, you must know the different allied health assistants you can choose from.

5 Types of Allied Health Assistants You Can Choose From 

Allied Health Assistants

1. Dietitian 

This type of allied health assistant assesses individuals’ food intake and health. Additionally, dietitians are allied health assistants that can aid an individual who suffers from obesity and other concerns. These individuals can ensure you are living a healthy lifestyle. 

2. Lactation Consultant 

First-time moms are often the clients of this allied health assistant. They can be in birthing clinics and hospitals, where they educate mothers on the right way of lactation. Indeed, lactation consultants play a vital role in the community. 

An allied health assistant like this is the one that teaches each family the importance of breastfeeding. Additionally, they are the one who prepares every mother before the lactating period. 

3. Psychologists 

The ones who can evaluate their patient’s mental health through experimentation, observation, and interpretation. Indeed, they are individuals who can help someone who is suffering from depression, anxiety, and other mental concerns. Therefore, psychologists are also the one who is responsible for therapy for their patients. 

4. Oral Hygienists 

Individuals who obtain a 3-year associate degree program are considered oral hygienist allied health assistants. They are responsible for cleaning teeth, doing X-rays, and doing other oral activities they are allowed to. 

In addition, they are considered the right hand of dentists. The process in a dental clinic is more convenient with the help of this allied health assistant. 

5. Cardiovascular Technologists 

Patients with heart failure and other heart problems might undergo an imaging examination of their heart and lungs. This is, of course, prescribed by their respective physicians. These cardiovascular technologists are the ones who operate modern machines for medical assessment

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A hospital might not fulfill its goals in helping its patients without the people behind it. An allied health assistant is one of those individuals studying to serve various healthcare purposes. They must have a degree before starting their career in a clinic or a hospital. 

In reality, you can choose several types of allied health assistants whenever you want to study in the future. 

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