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The blobfish is a weird-looking fish that spends most of its life hidden in the sand. As you might guess from its name, it looks like it has an amorphous shape and coloration. You can see that they have a little bit of everything — dorsal fins, pectoral fins, caudal fins, and even flippers!

The blobfish also has a weird way of feeding that involves finding food items like sea urchins by smell or by feeling vibrations with its antennae.


The blobfish is an ugly fish. It has no scales, and its mouth is wide open. These features make it look like a blobby mass of fat stuck to its body by some kind of adhesive substance. Its body is mostly made up of fat, so when you look at it up close you’ll see jiggling piles of white stuff moving around on top of the rest of your specimen.

What they eat

The blobfish is a bottom-dwelling fish that lives in the deep ocean. It’s not picky about what it eats, and will eat anything from small fish to crustaceans or even other blobfish!

Blobfishes are not capable of hunting for food on their own, so they have to wait until something else comes along and gives them something tasty to eat. This can take some time, especially considering how slow these guys move!


Blobfish are not actually fish at all, but rather an invertebrate that resembles a blob of jelly. They live in the deep sea and inhabit waters off of Australia and Tasmania. The blobfish’s habitat extends from 600 to 1,200 meters below sea level (MSL), making it one of the most remote creatures on Earth.

Blobfish typically spend their lives near hydrothermal vents where they feed on bacteria-rich fluids that rise up through fissures in rock formations near these vent sites. This type of environment provides them with plenty of food sources; however, because these vents exist only at very specific locations around the world—and because they don’t occur anywhere else—blobfish has had difficulty dispersing into other habitats where food may be more abundant or accessible than it is there.”


  • Climate change: The blobfish’s habitat is threatened by rising sea levels and the melting of glaciers.
  • Pollution: A small portion of the species’ habitat has been polluted by human activity, including sewage treatment plants and agricultural runoff from plantations.
  • Fishing: Abalone fisheries in Australia have been known to target this fish as a source for their shells, which are used as decorative objects or jewelry.

Blobfish is a weird-looking but very interesting fish

Blobfish is a weird-looking but very interesting fish. It is not a scary creature like anglerfish. They live in the ocean, and they aren’t a good swimmer—they just float there until they die.

Blobfish have no scales or other features that would make them seem like anything other than a “blob”. They are also sometimes called fatheads because of their large heads (which make up one-third of their body weight) and thick lips that can stretch over 3 feet long! The name comes from how they look: like an enormous ball of flesh with eyes on top of it; hence “blob” (it’s also used as another word for silly).

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