How many jobs are available in consumer non-durables in 2022


how many jobs are available in consumer non-durables

How many jobs are available in consumer non-durables? In the world of consumer non-durables, there are many jobs available. 

As you look to work in this industry, it’s important to know what your options are and how much experience you need for different positions. In this post, we’ll explore what jobs are available in the industry and how much experience is required for each one.

How many jobs are available in consumer non-durables

First thing first! How many jobs are available in consumer non-durables? There are many jobs available in the consumer non-durables industry. 

You can find them on job boards like Monster or Indeed, and you can also network with people in the industry to find out about new opportunities.

According to recent statistics, there are 5.9 million+ jobs available in the consumer non-durable industry.

Why Work in Consumer Non-Durables

  • You’ll get to work with new and exciting products.
  • You’ll be working in a fast-paced environment.
  • Your job will involve working with other people who are passionate about what they do, which means that you’ll have some great opportunities for career advancement!

Here are the most popular job positions in the consumer non-durables industry.

Brand Manager

Brand managers work in consumer non-durables. They are responsible for the marketing and branding of their company’s product or service, which includes everything from image to reputation.

As a brand manager, you’ll be responsible for managing all aspects of your company’s image—from its website to its advertising campaign. You’ll also be responsible for keeping track of changes in the market so that you can make necessary adjustments when needed.

Market Research Analyst

A market research analyst is a person who researches and analyzes the market, gathering data from various sources. The analyst uses this information to determine the demand for a product or service. 

The analyst then designs the process by which information will be gathered, analyzed, and reported back in order to meet the needs of customers at an optimal level of profitability.

Product Manager

As a product manager, you’ll be responsible for a lot of things. You’ll be responsible for the life cycle of your product and its strategy, as well as its roadmap. You’ll also help ensure that the products meet quality standards and are priced competitively. 

And finally, you will take care of all distribution channels—from retail stores or e-commerce sites down to direct mailings or in-home salespeople who work directly with customers at home.

Senior Business Development Manager

A Senior Business Development Manager is a person who works within the consumer non-durables industry. They have the responsibility of developing new business opportunities, identifying growth areas, and providing strategic direction.

Responsibilities include:

  • Developing a strategy to expand your company’s sales force or market share through new product launches or promotional campaigns.
  • Identifying potential customers by researching competitors’ products, analyzing their demographics and pricing strategies, reviewing industry trends/opportunities and considering what makes them stand out from other brands in your field (e.g., how they execute marketing campaigns). This can be done through surveys distributed online or offline; focus groups conducted over lunchtime meetings at local restaurants; phone calls with people who work closely with you but aren’t necessarily customers yet — this helps ensure that there’s no confusion about what type of message needs to be sent before engaging someone else for further research purposes; etcetera!

Sales & Marketing Director – Key Accounts

The Sales & Marketing Director is responsible for developing and executing the sales strategy for the organization, as well as managing the overall customer service experience. 

They will work directly with key accounts to understand their business goals and needs, develop sales strategies that meet those needs, and help implement these strategies by training internal resources on them.

Talent Acquisition Specialist

The Talent Acquisition Specialist is responsible for the recruitment and hiring of new employees. Their job description will include the following responsibilities:

  • Recruitment strategy development, including hiring and retention programs
  • Interviewing candidates, evaluating resumes, and conducting reference checks
  • Conducting exit interviews with employees who leave your company

Packaging Engineer / Packaging Technologist / Packaging Technician/ Production Executive

Packaging engineers and technologists work to ensure that products are packaged correctly, safely, and efficiently. 

They may be involved in the design of containers and other packaging materials, or they may be responsible for testing those materials to make sure that they meet safety standards. 

Packaging technicians run tests on samples taken from production lines to see how well they hold up under various conditions (i.e., temperature, humidity). 

Production executives oversee all aspects of production—from scheduling orders with suppliers to monitoring inventory levels—and ensure that everything runs smoothly at your facility.

Head of Research and Development (R&D) – Bakery/ Cereal/ Snacks/ Confectionary

The Head of Research and Development (R&D) is responsible for ensuring that the company’s products are safe, quality-controlled, and consistent. 

They also run laboratory tests on new products to ensure they meet quality standards. The position requires a bachelor’s degree in food science or a related field along with several years of experience in the industry.

Now you know how many jobs are available in consumer non-durables. There are many jobs available in consumer non-durables. The industry is growing and the jobs will continue to grow as well. Consumers want more products, so this means that companies need to hire more people to make those products.


Consumer non-durables are a great industry to work in. I hope you have understood how many jobs are available in consumer non-durables. With so many jobs available, it is easy to see why there is such a demand for these positions. If you are looking for something new or have been considering a career change, then this could be the perfect opportunity for you!