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Cutest Dog in the World | Top 15 Breeds List

Cutest Dog in the World

Cutest Dog in the World is not hard to find. Puppies are considered to be one of the cutest pets to adopt.

Besides adopting, they also look attractive to everyone who sees them. In this article, we will tell you about the Cutest Dog in the World and the list of 15 cutest dog breeds.

If you want to adopt a dog, you should first take a look at this article, so you will be able to find a cute puppy for yourself or your family.

The Cutest Dog in the World award goes to Dalmatian which is considered to be the cutest dog breed. The Cutest Dog in the World is recognized by the Golden ratio. Golden Ratio is a natural beauty ratio.

The people, animals, drawing, or any other thing that follows the exact aspects of golden ration (1:1.6) is considered to be the perfect beauties.

So, the Dalmatian is the cutest dog breed according to the golden ratio. The attachment of this breed to people is considered to be 67.03% to the golden ratio.

Dalmatian is mostly used by people as hunting dogs, shepherds, guard dogs, and draft dogs. Dalmatians are also used in circuses. The cost of this cutest dog in the world is between $800 to $1500. Dalmatians howls to communicate with the people.

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About the cutest dog in the world:

cutest dog in the world
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Dalmatian are medium-sized dogs. They are well-known dogs by their brown or black-colored spots coated on their smooth white skin. They were originated from Dalmatia, that’s why they are known as Dalmatians.

The average height of this cutest dog in the world is 24-24 in. The average life of a Dalmatian is from 12 to 14 years. The largest life span is 10-18 years.

With their flexible and slim body, they have excellent stamina.

Now, it’s clear that Dalmatian is the cutest dog in the world. Let’s talk about the top 15 cutest dog breeds.


RankBreedOriginAvg. Life SpanAdherence to Golden Ratio
1DalmatianDalmatia12-14 years67.03%
2Irish Water SpanielIreland10-12 years66.26%
3Wire Fox TerrierEngland13-14 years65.53%
4LabradorNewfoundland10-12 years64.67%
5Basset HoundGreat Britain10-12 years64.43%
6SamoyedSiberia12-14 years64.33%
7Jack RussellEngland13-16 years63.86%
8RottweilerGermany8-10 years63.65%
9St. BernardSwitzerland/Italy8-10 years62.94%
10Golden RetrieverUK10-12 years62.52%
11NewfoundlandNewfoundland/Labrador8-10 years62.07%
12PugChina12-16 years61.44%
13SchnauzerGermany12-14 years59.01%
14LeonbergerGermany8-9 years58.99%
15CavapooAustralia12-15 years58.79%

The cutest dog in the world according to the golden ratio is Dalmatian. Other dog breeds, listed in our article, is also very cute. Some of these breeds are easy to adopt and cheap. Some of the breeds are very expensive by their rarity and other specification.                

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