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Dana White net worth 2023 (Updated)

dana white net worth

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is a Martial Arts company running under Dana White so, Dana White net worth is important to know. Besides being the president of UFC, White is also an American businessman.

Here in this article, we will talk about Dana White net worth, career, accomplishments, and spouse.


Dana White is the current president of UFC. Dana White is a professional; martial arts coach and boxing trainer. He started his career in boxing at the age of 17.

He tried to be in college but the college was not suitable for him. He started his boxing career and joined boxing as a part of his life. He is not a boxer. He is a boxing coach. The coaching career was a great decision of Dana White which is the main reason for a rapid increase in Dana white net worth.

Dana White is a 5 ft 11 in tall boxing coach. The monthly salary of Dana White is $20 million.  

dana white net worth


Dana White’s all accomplishment details are given below:

Dana White2009Nevada Sportsman of the Year
Dana White2005-2013, 2015-2016The promoter of the Year
Dana White2008-2019Leading Man of the Year
Dana WhiteSports Emmy Award for Outstanding Edited Sports Event Coverage
Dana White2015-16, 2005-13Ultimate Fighting Championship

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Marriage Status:

Anne White is the current wife of Dana White. They both married in 1996. Anne White and Dana White have 3 children. Dana has two sons and one daughter.

Even after a long life of marriage, they love each other as the marriage is new.

Dana White net worth in 2023:

Now, let’s talk about White’s net worth. According to 2023 stats, Dana White net worth is $500 million. Being the president of UFC led him to have $500 million worth.   

Throughout his life, he has trained so many students and earned so much fame as well as wealth.

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