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DJ Khaled’s net worth (Updated in 2024)

dj khaled's net worth

DJ Khaled is one of the richest record producers and DJs in the world that’s why DJ Khaled’s net worth is an often-asked question in the Music world. DJ Khaled is also the owner of “We the Best Music Group” and president of “Def Jam South” which is a record label.

DJ Khaled is Palestine/American record producer with a huge fan following on social media from all around the world.

So, here in this article, we will tell you about DJ Khaled, his career, his marital status, his awards and nominations, and DJ Khaled’s net worth.   


DJ Khaled net worth
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Khaled Mohammed Khaled is the original name of DJ Khaled and he is mostly known as DJ Khaled in the public and Music world. The rise of fame started in the 1990s. He also meets his future wife in the 1990s.

His parents belong to Palestine but they migrated to the U.S. and then Khaled was born in Louisiana. The reason for selecting a music career for Khaled was that his parents were also in the music industry. Here, Khaled got attention to music and he accepted music as his life career.

Khaled’s parents gave him true support when they found him in love with rap and music.    


In the 1990s, Khaled first appeared as a radio host. That was the start of his career. He started his music and songs after getting experience through working with various music artists.

“Listennn… the album” was the first album recorded by DJ Khaled. We the Best was the second album We Global was the third and Victory was his fourth album. DJ Khaled’s net worth and popularity started rising with the rise of his albums.

I’m the One was the first single by DJ Khaled. Drake also worked with DJ Khaled in his two singles Greece and Popstar.

After working with many popular musicians and rappers, he attracted a worldwide audience.   


DJ Khaled net worth
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Besides telling you about DJ Khaled’s net worth, let us tell you about awards and honors. DJ Khaled has received many honors and nominated for various awards. Here in the below table, we have listed some of the important awards that he has received in his entire career.

DJ Khaled2018MTV Video Music Award (Dinero)
DJ Khaled2018Soul Train Music Award (Wild Thoughts)
DJ Khaled2017Teen Choice Award (I’m the One)
DJ Khaled2017Urban Music Award (Himself)
DJ Khaled2017Ozone Award (Himself)
DJ Khaled2018iHeartRadio Music Award (Wild Thoughts)
DJ Khaled2020Grammy Award (Higher)
DJ Khaled2010BET Hip Hop Award (Himself)
DJ Khaled2012BET Hip Hop Award (Himself)
DJ Khaled2017BET Hip Hop Award (Wild Thoughts)
DJ Khaled2019BET Hip Hop Award (Himself)
DJ Khaled2016BET Hip Hop Award (Himself)
DJ Khaled2016ASCAP Awards (Hold You Down)
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Marital Status:

Besides telling you about DJ Khaled’s net worth, let us tell you about his relationship and love life. Nicole Tuck is also a musician and an entrepreneur who was chosen by DJ Khaled as a life partner in 2016. They first meet in the 1990s and started dating in 2003.

The couple has two children named Asahd Tuck Khaled and Aalam Khaled.  

DJ Khaled’s Net Worth 2024:

Now, let’s talk about DJ Khaled’s net worth. Keep in mind that he is one of the richest record producers and DJs in the world. According to 2024 stats, DJ Khaled’s net worth is $75 million. 

Besides being one of the richest record producers, DJs, and hip-hop `stars, DJ Khaled is also famous for his fortune and his lavish lifestyle. 

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