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Do Baths Make Baby Eczema Worse

do baths make baby eczema worse

Infants don’t need as much bath as you might be thinking. I know you care about your baby’s health and want to keep your baby clean. But overdoing can be dangerous.

Daily bathing is good for adults. The scenario becomes different when it comes to eczema in babies.

Eczema damages the skin, causing scaly patches, raised bumps, inflammation, and dryness.

So, would it be safe to bathe my baby when its skin is eczema-prone?

This article is all about the potential side effects and benefits of bathing your baby’s eczema-prone skin.

You will also learn how often to clean your baby in a normal vs eczema condition. 

Is bath dangerous for eczema?

Baths, in general, are not harmful to the skin affected by eczema. It depends on the method and how often you bathe.

Daily baths are safe in adults and help remove sweating, bacteria, and dust from the skin. For eczema, a daily bath is still safe if approached carefully.

Always use lukewarm or cold water in baths. Hot water removes more oil from the skin and irritates the affected area.

So, daily baths with cold or lukewarm water are enough for adults. 

What about baths in babies?

Babies don’t need regular baths due to their less interaction with the environment. If your baby gets dust or pollutants on the skin, you can bathe him.

Infants and toddlers need only 2 to 3 baths within a week. 

The bath count still depends on how often your baby gets dirty or needs a bath. 

If your baby is dealing with eczema, 2 to 3 baths a week is enough. Frequent bathing or daily bathing will reduce the body’s natural oil.

Eczema causes dry skin, and frequent bathing will make the situation worse. 

Use a medicated shampoo in baths

happy cappy eczema shampoo

Adding eczema shampoo to your baby’s bath routine will moisturize the skin and repair the loss of oil in the bath.

The Daily Body Wash and Shampoo by Happy Cappy is also the treatment of Eczema affected skin and also helps in maintaining good skin health.

To do so, use this shampoo two times a week for babies. Adults with sensitive skin can also use it. Apply a small amount of shampoo.

Rub the area for a while and then rinse with lukewarm or cold water. Pat dry to avoid damaging skin. Your baby is now done bathing. 

You can see dedicated guides and usage procedure for each porduct on https://happycappyshampoo.com/ directly.

After the bath, apply this cream on the affected area to recover from oil loss and give enough moisture to dry skin and the affected area.

Things you need to avoid

Eczema is not dangerous if you look after precautionary measures. Here, we have presented some preventive measures to stop the spread of eczema and avoid worsening the situation when giving a bath to your baby.

  • Don’t use hot water. Use lukewarm (recommended) or cold water when giving a bath to your baby.
  • Avoid long baths. The bath should last 5 to 10 minutes or even shorter. 
  • Avoid exposure to heat and sunlight. Heat makes skin dry and causes itching and irritation. 
  • Don’t use regular soaps and shampoos while bathing. Instead, use Happy Cappy’s eczema shampoo. 
  • Avoid using beauty products like brushes and creams on your baby’s skin. Use medicated eczema cream if needed. 

These are some preventive measures to stop the spread of eczema and get the best out of baths.


Maintaining a good bath routine is essential for babies. Even if they don’t get eczema. For eczema-prone skin, use lukewarm water.

The baths should be short and don’t contain harmful soaps. Always use medicated products when dealing with baby eczema. 

Use these preventive measures to stop the spread of eczema and give enough baths to your baby. Hope this guide provided you with the best information. 

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