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What is Elevator Phobia? Treatment, Cause, and Symptoms

Elevator Phobia

There are a lot of phobias having different variations and situations. Some phobias are common and some are rare. Elevator phobia is also considered a common phobia. It is also related to claustrophobia which is a phobia of confined places. 

Here in this article, we will tell you what elevator phobia is, its causes, symptoms, and how to get rid of it.

What is Elevator phobia?

what is elevator phobia

The elevator phobia is a common phobia. Elevator phobia is the fear that people feel when they visit an elevator or just see an elevator. They even feel fear if they just hear about lives, or using a lift. 

It might sound crazy but the fact is that this is real and it exists. This phobia is not so serious but if a person uses a lift daily or visits or sees lifts daily, then this could be dangerous. 

If someone just feels a little fear from lifts then this cannot be categorized as a phobia but if someone feels anxiety, increased sweating, heartbeat increase, or increased blood pressure then this is something to be worried about.

How is it related to Claustrophobia?

Elevator phobia is related to claustrophobia because claustrophobia is a fear of confined spaces like lifts, tubes, trains, tunnels, etc. The lift can also be categorized as a confined or closed space. So when someone will enter the lift and have claustrophobia, then he/she will start fearing that place. 

Both elevatophobic and claustrophobic will fear lifts. 


The person with this type of phobia will feel anxiety, panic attacks, increased heartbeat, increased blood pressure, and sweating.

What can cause such fear?

There is not a specific reason which can cause fear of lifts but there are some conditions or situations which can lead a person to be elevaophobic.

These situations are bad experiences, genetics, or claustrophobia. 

If someone has claustrophobia then he/she will also have fear of lifts. If someone has had a bad experience with lifts in past then this can lead to a fear of lifts. For example, if someone is ever stuck in a lift or the lift was broken or damaged when he/she was using the lift then this can lead to such fear. 

Even if the person had just heard about someone’s bad experience with lifts then this can also lead to the fear of lifts.   

How to get rid of Elevator Phobia?

There are some techniques that can help you to overcome your fear of lifts. One of the best treatments is to seek help from a psychiatrist. The doctor will give you complete advice or medicines which best suit you. 

You can try Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) or you can also try Exposure Therapy which is also proven in the treatment of various phobias and anxiety disorders

If you want to overcome your fear then you first have to face your fear. Go and use the lift but don’t go alone. Go with your family member or friend and daks for his/her help if something wrong happens. Don’t think about that fear, keep your mind busy.


Although, this phobia is not so serious but in some cases, it becomes worse. To avoid any kind of accident, seek help from a doctor or use lifts with someone else who can help you in an emergency situation. There is a treatment for every problem. So go for the treatment if your condition is worse.

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