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Finally, F1 Las Vegas 2023 Event Is Confirmed!

f1 las vegas 2023

The news has finally been confirmed, the F1 las vegas 2023 event is coming soon and the date is announced. It’s going to be an exciting season as this will make it the second F1 race in the United States. 

In addition, the race in Miami has been canceled, so if you are looking forward to watching an F1 race live, it will only be available in Sin City!

Why Fans Are Anxious About The Announcement

Formula 1 fan have had a long wait for Las Vegas. It’s been 8 years since Bernie Ecclestone’s initial announcement, and now that we finally have confirmation of a race in our future (perhaps as early as 2017), there are still many questions surrounding when and where it will take place. 

We don’t know who will be racing or which track it will take place at. All we know is that we’re happy to hear F1 is finally coming to Las Vegas!

It is finally confirmed that the F1 las vegas 2023 event will be held on 18 November 2023.

How Many People Attend Each Year

Formula One is a multi-billion dollar business, and so are its races. Last year’s Abu Dhabi Grand Prix had an official attendance of around 120 000 spectators over three days. 

That’s almost half a million people – there and back twice! With the growing popularity and F1 extending their calendar to 23 races per year (up from 19), we can expect that figure to increase significantly. 

And more people attending means more revenue for both race organizers and sponsors alike.

What Fans Should Expect From A Vegas Grand Prix

There are a number of key features that make Circuit of The Americas one of a kind in North America. Apart from its 1.6-mile track, you will find 21-degree corners as well as several elevation changes. 

What’s more, is that fans can also enjoy watching race cars zip past them at about 200 mph just a few yards away from them.

How Often Will It Take Place?

After all of these years of trying and discussions about a potential race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, we finally have confirmation for an official date for a night race to be hosted here. 

What’s more, is that it will take place eight years from now. As many would have guessed, we’ll be hosting an event in 2023. Although still roughly four years away from when it was initially expected to occur, at least it hasn’t been delayed any more than it has been.

Where Will The Track Be?

The track in Las Vegas will run through a section of I-15 and then connect to Mandalay Bay and then back down to Convention Center Drive. 

A major bridge connecting both sides of I-15 near Sahara Avenue will be built for spectators to cross over from one side of I-15 to another. 

Due to spectator security, no large trucks or other commercial vehicles (besides buses) will be allowed inside what would otherwise be considered within walking distance from venue entrances.

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