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How Many Jobs Are Available In Consumer Services Right Now in 2022

how many jobs are available in consumer services

People want to know how many jobs are available in consumer services. The consumer services industry, which includes sectors like transportation, travel, and tourism, ranks as one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States.

And with around 400,000 jobs currently available in these sectors combined, there’s plenty of opportunity for job seekers of every kind to get their foot in the door. 

But what exactly is the consumer services industry? Here’s a look at how many jobs are available in this growing field, which jobs are most popular within it, and how you can land one yourself.

How many jobs are available in consumer services?

So, how many jobs are available in consumer services? There are currently 19 million people employed by retail trade. 

This means that there are lots of great opportunities for those interested in working in consumer services and products, as long as you’re willing to move around and work in different cities and states. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states that there are more than 2.3 million jobs available in consumer services

However, when we narrow down our search by looking only at retail trade positions within that number, we see that there are about 1.7 million job openings available for workers in these positions—and it doesn’t seem like these numbers will be shrinking anytime soon. 

Creating Memorable Customer Experiences:

With such stiff competition, it’s important for businesses to ensure their employees go above and beyond to create memorable experiences for customers. The more businesses can differentiate themselves from their competitors, especially by offering exceptional customer service, the easier it will be for them to win new business and keep existing clients happy with what they offer.

What Does an Average Consumer Service Representative Do?

As one of America’s fastest-growing sectors, consumer service representatives work with customers to resolve problems, assist with billing and payment, answer questions, and other duties related to customer service. The average salary for a CSR was $23,070 as of 2012—but pay varies widely depending on factors like location and industry.

How to Become a Consumer Service Representative

In order to become a consumer service representative, you must be familiar with working customer service and sales jobs. With that said, earning an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in business administration or marketing can help you land some entry-level positions with larger companies that can set you up for success as you gain experience and climb your way up through higher levels of management positions over time.

Is the Consumer Services Industry Right For Me?

A Career In Consumer Services: From answering customer support calls to helping people register their products, working in consumer services can be an exciting and rewarding career option. Get started by asking yourself these questions: 

How many jobs are available in consumer services? How will I feel if people start leaving angry messages on my answering machine? How well do I deal with rejection?  Can I talk to strangers without feeling awkward? Are you ready for a career as a consumer service agent? 

If you have the answers to all of these questions you can decide whether you should choose a consumer services career or not.

Final Thoughts

More than 56 million Americans work as private household, personal care, or childcare workers; these positions account for just 1 percent of all U.S. employment, but they help keep American households running smoothly and make our daily lives easier and more convenient—not to mention help families save money on certain tasks like housecleaning and meal preparation that otherwise would need to be performed by another party or outsource completely.

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