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How Should Trash and Recyclables Be Stored – Complete Guide For Waste Management in 2023

how should trash and recyclables be stored

Waste management is one of the crucial elements in avoiding pollution and maintaining a clean environment. Whether you work in a cleaning franchise department or as an individual, it’s important to know how should trash and recyclables be stored to make the environment clean and safe from pollutants. 

In this article, we will cover all the points that play an important role in waste management and keeping the environment safe and clean.

How should trash and recyclables be stored?

To make your environment clean, it is a must to know how should trash and recyclables be stored.

There are different methods and techniques to store recyclables and trash. Depending upon your situation, individual, or working in a waste management department, you will take steps to store trash and recyclables. 

Using Recycle Bin Safety Measures in Public:

The first method for storing trash is to use recyclable bins. You can find recycling bins everywhere. I’m not talking about your PC’s recycle bin. That’s different. The trash bins that you see on the roads that are labeled with special signs are recycled bins.

The label identifies the use of that recycle bin. You can store recyclable items there. The safety of the recycle bin itself is also important. Make sure to cover recycling with special paper or chemicals to avoid them being disturbed by animals and insects. 

Rinse recycle bins regularly to avoid the smell. Store them away from sunlight. Many types of bin deodorizers are available in the market that are used to reduce or completely remove bad odors from bins. Use them to reduce foul smell. 

Only fill the trash which is fillable. Avoid overfilling. 

Using Recycle Bin Safety Measures in the Home:

You can buy small recycle bins where you can store plastic bags trash and other unnecessary things. Make sure to choose the right place to place them. The kitchen, waiting area, lining room, and even bedroom is suitable for placing trash bin. 

You should place the bin outside of the room to avoid the smell. Also, avoid placing smelly items in the bin which is placed outside of your room. 

If you are storing recyclable items like plastic bags, bottles, etc. then you should use another recycle bin which is labeled for recyclable items. Avoid storing trash or bad food in that bin. 

According to a survey, more than 25% of recyclable items which is received by waste management from homes are not recyclable. These include bad food and trash. Make sure to place only recyclable items in the recycle bin. 


If you have read the whole article then I am pretty sure that you have understood how should trash and recyclables be stored. Recyclable and trash safety is as important as home safety. 

If you keep the recycle bin and trash bin safe and clean, your home and environment will be clean. 

You can buy recycle bins and various chemicals that reduce bad odor from bins and are also used for bin cleaning. 

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