Reddit provides the facility to its users to completely delete their accounts. The main query here is “how to delete Reddit account”. Don’t worry we are here to tell you the whole procedure to delete your account on Reddit.

Reddit has millions of active users on its platform per month. Although, Reddit is a community-based platform where people can find their interest-related communities and groups to interact and enjoy if you have created your account on Reddit and now want to delete it then follow the below steps.

How to delete Reddit account:

Keep in mind, if you have deleted your account then you will not be able to again sign in with that username or id. All your data, communities, and comments will be deleted.

If you have commented on a post then after deleting your account, your comment will be visible to the public but the author (your id) will be shown as deleted.

Make sure that you are going to learn how to delete Reddit account only if you want to delete your account permanently and decided not to use that account in the future.

In Reddit, you will not find any option of account deletion. In the Reddit language, deactivation is equal to deletion. You will find a deactivation option on Reddit. Although, deactivation means that you can reactivate the account at any time but in Reddit, deactivation means deletion.

So, make sure that you want to permanently delete your account and not decided to use it again. However, if you want to use Reddit again then you can create a new account.

The deactivation method is quite simple and easy. You can deactivate your account from the Reddit app and also online. Use this technique if you want to permanently delete your Reddit account. Your messages and comments will not be recovered.

Make sure you are doing this to permanently delete your Reddit account.  

Follow the below instructions to know how to delete Reddit account permanently.

1. Open the Reddit website.

2. Visit the user setting option by clicking on your avatar.

3. Now, scroll till you find the deactivation option at the end of the page.

4. Click the deactivation option and a menu will open up in front of you.

4. Reddit will ask for your username and password. Fill in the id name and password to confirm the deactivation.

5 Your account has been deactivated.

How to Delete Reddit Account Permanently 2022 | 2 Easy Methods

Now, will not be able to use that account again. Keep in mind, Reddit does not allow its users to temporarily deactivate their accounts.

The deactivation means deletion in Reddit. There is no way to get back a deleted Reddit account.  Hope you have now understood how to delete Reddit account permanently.

The upper method is for deleting your Reddit account on the Reddit website.

Follow the below topic if you want to delete your account on android.

How to delete Reddit account on mobile:

You will not find the deactivation or deletion option on your android.

Follow the below simple steps to delete your Reddit account via android.

1. Open the Reddit app, tap your profile icon, visit settings, and find Help and FAQs.

2. By clicking on the help option, a web page will open up.

2. Now, search “Deactivate Account” on the search bar and click the first article.

4. You will find a link here. Click on that link and put the login information.

5. Confirm the deletion process and your account will be deactivated permanently.

Hope you have now understood how to delete Reddit accounts on mobile and via browser. Keep in mind, that there is no method to deactivate your account temporarily and then reactivate it.

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