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How to Do Russian twist Exercise Properly at Home | 3 Easy Ways

How to Do Russian twist Exercise Properly at Home | 3 Easy Ways

What is Russian Twist?

Before knowing how to do a Russian twist exercise, you need to know more about this exercise. This exercise is good for abdominal muscles, shoulders, hips, and core. The exercise is mostly known for the repetitive and twisted motions of the body in it.

The exercise helps strengthen a person’s core, spinal cord, and obliques. A more stable core means more control over the movement and position of this area.

Exercise is very important for you if you are a tennis player, swimmer, basketball player, hockey, golf player, or boxer.

However, this exercise is also helpful for maintaining a good physique and getting more flexibility in muscles and the spinal cord.

The important thing here is to know how to do the Russian Twist exercise properly at home.

How to do a Russian twist exercise?

There are some methods of doing this exercise properly. You don’t need to go to the gym to perform this exercise. Follow the below methods properly and start performing with us.

Russian twist with weight:

For properly performing this exercise, sit on a plane floor in such a way that only you’re your legs and your torso will be at a 45-degree angle from your hip. Now bring a weight like a ball or other heavy object. We will suggest you a heavy ball.

Now, lift your feet a little up and bend towards your torso. Now, put the dumbbell or available weighted object and start to move the weighted object to your left and right side.   

Complete 2 to 3 sets of 10 moves in each. This exercise with weight is for beginners. After performing this exercise for a few days, you can increase the number of sets and moves in each set.

How to Do Russian twist Exercise Properly at Home | 3 Easy Ways

An important note here is to keep seeing straight to the ball or weighted object. This will help you to reduce the pain when doing this exercise.  

You might find this exercise difficult for you so here is another method of doing this.

Standing Russian twist:

This exercise is quite simple than the Russian twist with weight. To perform this exercise, bring your legs together combined completely. Now stand straight and bring your hands up straight to your face. Close both hands like a swimming position.

Now, just focus on your hands and start moving your arms from the left side to the right side. Move your face as well as you move your arms. Keep seeing straight to your hands.

Do this till you feel a little tired. Don’t be too much motivated. The continuous effort will be very effective rather than extreme exercise with an irregular routine.  

Decline Russian twist:

This exercise is similar to a Russian twist with weight. Here in this exercise, you could need to go to the gym or simply you can find a place in your home where you can get a declined shape for your body.

To perform a decline Russian twist, hold a medicine ball, kettlebell, dumbbell, or any weighted object tightly with your hands. Now, sit on a declined object or bench in a way that your shoulders will be positioned off of the bench creating a half sit-up position.

Now move the torso and weight in one direction and then in the reverse direction (means left to right). Keep doing this several times in each set. Complete 2 to 3 sets if you are a beginner.  

Russian twist benefits:

How to Do Russian twist Exercise Properly at Home | 3 Easy Ways

Below are some important benefits of doing this exercise every day.

1. This will strengthen your spinal, obliques, and core.  

2. Build stability in your core and midsection.

3. It helps a person burn calories, get a better shape of the body, and get a better balance of the body.

4. These exercises are very beneficial for getting 6-pack abs.   

5. This exercise will help you in reducing the chance of obesity-related diseases.

These are some benefits of doing Russian Twists daily. Hope you have now understood how to do Russian twist exercises properly at home.

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