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Stewardle – A Unique Inspiration From Wordle


Do you remember Wordle Official, which is a word-guessing game? Well, after the huge popularity of Wordle, many other companies created games similar to Wordle.

Today, in this article, we will talk about Stewardle which is one of the most interesting games inspired by Wordle psychology but with unique game patterns.

How Stewardle is Different From Wordle:

In Wordle, you have five options to guess a five-digit word. This could be anything. Name of any object, person, place, etc. In the case of Stewardle, you have 6 tries to find the name of the desired F1 Driver. 

You have to enter the name of a Valid F1 driver, which is in the record, and then enter the name in the bar below 6 sections.

Each bar will fill up with different information about the driver that you have selected. If you find the right driver within 6 tries, you will win this game. If you fail, you will lose, but the site will show the answer. 

Now, you cannot play this game, You have to come after 16 hours to play this game again. After every 16 hours, the driver gets changed, so you have to guess a new name. 

This game is very unique and awesome if you are interested in Formula racing and games. If you have a knowledge of F1 events and Drivers, then this is going really interesting for you. 

Here is how to play this game like a boss:

How to play stewardle like a boss?

Steward is different from Wordle. The game is a little confusing but don’t worry, I have tried this game and found the basic rules to play it easily. When you start entering a name in the bar.

You will see the exact suggestion if you have entered the correct name. For example, a player’s name is Lewis Hamilton, and you just search Hamilton or Lewsi, then it will show Lewis Hamilton as a suggestion. 

Now, entering a name will identify six different things. These are Flag, Team, Car Number, Driver Age, First Year, and Race Wins.

Stewardle’s philosophy is “Guess the F1 driver by the number”.

If you entered Hamilton, but it is not the right answer, then all the options will be highlighted according to the real answer.

Some will be highlighted green and some red. The Green sign indicates the true answer.

For example, If you have entered Hamilton and his age is not equal to the required player’s age, then it will highlight yellow. 

Similarly, other options will be highlighted with different colors instead of green. The green color will show you that this is correct. By knowing these colors and their meaning, your game will become easy, and you will get closer to your guess. 

What do colors Indicate?

Different colors of different options indicate different meanings which will help you to make a stronger guess. Below, we have listed the meanings of different colored objects.

First of all. See this picture, and then I will explain colors:


You see that I have not guessed the exact F1 Driver’s name, Rio Haryanto. I guessed six drivers, but all of them were wrong. 

Now, see the below image, which is the right answer:

f1 driver numbers

You see, all the objects are colored green, which means that the answer is true. 

Now, let’s come to the meaning of colors:

  1. The green British Flag indicates that the driver is of British Nationality. Otherwise, he belongs to somewhere else.
  2. The red Mercedes icon in the Team section shows that the driver does not race for Mercedes otherwise it could be. 
  3. The Yellow W icon shows that the F1 driver has previously raced for Willaims.
  4. The Yellow numbers show that the number is too low.
  5. The purple number box shows that the number is too high. 

After these hints, it becomes easy for F1 Race fans like you to guess the right F1 Driver. If you have lost three, two, or four tries, it could be very easy to find the right answer if one or more blocks are highlighted green.

When I entered Steven, the race win and Team sections were highlighted green, and other colors were different, which means that the desired driver had the same race wins and Team. From these hints, you get closer and closer to the right driver name. 

When I searched Hamilton, nothing got green which means there is nothing similar to the desired driver. 

You can also find these hints when you click on the “i” section, which is on the upper right end of the site.

When can I play again?

It doesn’t matter if you win or lose; you will find the right answer. If you lose, the game will show you the right answer. Another point is that if you win or lose, the game will end for you, and you can play this game again after 15 to 19 hours. The time sometimes changes. 

The game is developed by Shyr and inspired by Wordle which is written at the end of the site. 

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