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How to Pop Your Ears Without Them Hurting? 5 Easy Methods

how to pop your ears without hurting it

Hearing is one of the five senses that are used by us in daily life. But there are a lot of reasons that can interrupt the normal hearing experience which can be muffled hearing, inflammation in the ears, or such a thing. If something viscous or liquid is stuck in your ear then you need to know how to pop your ears to avoid muffled hearing.

Many people ask or get confused by the question; Is popping my ears safe and how long does it take to pop your ears? In this article, we will tell you some tricks on how to pop your ears without them hurting.

How to pop your ears?

When the air pressure inside and around your ear becomes unequal then you may feel pain and muffled hearing. This can cause closed eustachian tubes which will reduce air pressure inside your ears. To tackle this situation, you need ear pooping for getting rid of muffled hearing.

If you want to know how to pop your ears or unclog them then you’re at the right place. Here are some proven methods and tricks on how to pop your ears to solve the muffled hearing problem. 

Before you know the tricks on how to pop your ears, you should understand the procedure of popping ears to get a better understanding of solving the situation.

Have you ever listen to a little noise within your mouth and head when you yawn, eat, or drink something? This sound is caused by the eustachian tube which presses air to the middle ear. By opening the eustachian tube, the issue can be solved. 

In general, the tubes open automatically with chewing or yawning but if not, then here are some easy methods to pop your ears.


Yawning is one of the easiest methods to pop ears if fluid or something is stuck in your ears. When a person yawns, this opens the eustachian tubes which ultimately allow the flow of air to the middle air.

If your ear does not open once, then try yawning multiple times. 

Applying Warm Compressor:

apply warm compressor

Warm or cold compressors can be used in many treatments. In the case of muffled hearing, you have to apply a warm compressor to your ears at least 5 times.  You can pour a clean cloth in hot water and then apply that cloth to your ear. When the cloth feels not enough warm, repeat the soaking process again.


Swallowing is also one of the easiest techniques to pop ears. You can just swallow anything like water, fluid, or anything or you can just act like swallowing. This will allow eustachian tubes to open and pass air to the middle ear. You can suck a hard object like candy to get a good result.

Taking Hot Shower

When your nose is closed, you use steam from hot water to open your nose. In the case of clogged ears, you have to take a hot shower which will allow steam to reach your ears to open the path. Take a shower in hot water which is bearable for you.

Chewing Cum

Chewing gum is different from swallowing a hard meal. It will move your muscles which can open the eustachian tubes and allow them to pass air to the middle ear. Continuously chewing gum can increase the chance of popping ears.

These are the 5 natural and easiest methods to know how to pop your ears without hurting them. For more interesting articles, visit our blog.

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