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No Need To Have An Insta Account When Pixwox Is Here


Pixwox is one of the most interesting sites that I have ever found on the internet. The site helps you to watch Instagram content for free without even creating an account or logging in to your official Instagram account. 

You don’t have to watch ads or face redirects to access the content. You can access Insta content and profiles and also can see reels without letting know the author about you. The site is completely anonymous. 

I have used this site and found various interesting features that I will tell you in this article, So, read the whole article to get the best out of it.

What is Pixwox?

Pixwox is a stunning website that allows you to browse Instagram content without creating or login to your account. You can watch content anonymously. The site doesn’t see your search history and doesn’t save your browsing data. 

All the latest data that is posted on Instagram is available on this site. The site features popular Instagram accounts on the homepage. However, you can find reels, pictures, and other content by searching tags and usernames in the search bar. The search bar is available in the upper middle section of the header. 

How To Use This Site?

The site is similar to Instagram. The site’s content updates when the content on Instagram updates. The design is completely different but easy to understand. The site has no such features. The main focus of building this site is to access Insta Content anonymously.

When you open Instagram and watch someone’s reel, the author of the reel can see who has watched his reel. 

If you are using this website, no one can see who has seen his profile or reel.

Go to the Pixwow and search for the account name by entering the username in the search bar. Once you have an account, click on that account and you will be able to see all the posts of that account. 

How To Downlaod Content?

Another interesting thing is that you can downlaod videos and pictures from this website of any account. To do so, visit an account by searching its username in the Pixwow search bar. Now, go to the account and select the picture or videos you want to download. 

The site is similar to Picnob which is another related website to watch Instagram content for free.

A new tab will open. Now, right-click on the picture or video and click Save As. No, select the location where you want to save the content and click save. The downloading will start. You can anonymously browse and download Instagram content from Pixwow. 

The site is very beneficial if you want to save your time in quick research or entertainment. 

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