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How to Watch Netflix with CenturyLink TV?

How to Watch Netflix with CenturyLink TV

It’s no surprise that half the world’s population turned towards their trusty television set, when the pandemic hit the world, putting all sorts of activity on hold.

While seeking and even curating all kinds of options for entertainment and recreation, making life a lot more bearable and even enjoyable to a certain extent.

Even though they were stuck indoors, the thought for quality entertainment and leisure wasn’t ever dismissed. The best part was that service providers were ready to facilitate you.

So whether you watched you wanted to watch the latest flicks but couldn’t do so because the cinema halls were shut, streaming services ensured that you never missed the latest releases or the top flicks!

However, streaming was not possible if high-speed internet services were not readily available. A myriad of internet plans was available for people to choose from.

So whether you picked one of the countless CenturyLink Internet deals or just a regular internet package, these options allowed users to rely more on the internet service for exceptional digital content.

Netflix and its popularity soared during the pandemic

Among numerous popular streaming platforms that provided people with a healthy dose of entertainment during these distressing times, Netflix was by far the most popular one.

Furthermore, popular streaming options, working in affiliation with service providers, ensured that internet speeds always matched the requirements of the service, so that users received a clear and reliable connection at their end.

That’s why internet speeds are a primary issue when it comes to streaming TV.

Always check the speed of your internet service for Netflix

Another reason why users should always check whether their provider can give sufficient internet speed that would be ideal for streaming TV like Netflix, without frustrating issues popping up such as low-quality video or lack of audibility on the consumer’s end.

These issues will simply melt away if consumers were furnished with high-speed internet. An additional factor that customers need to know is the speed requirements, set by Netflix.

To have incessant streaming with high-quality results, consumers need to invest in an internet connection that comes with an abundant data supply and exceptional speeds.

Additional factors that users need to take care of

Besides these basic factors, another aspect that determines the reception of your streaming service, such as Netflix is your residential location along with the number of devices that are connected in the house at the same time when you switch on your streaming service.

Why these are important is because firstly, the place where you live/location narrows down the best options for available internet service providers in the area.

Secondly, the size of your household determines how much speed and data, you will require so that everybody in the house can have an adequate internet experience.

For instance, if you want to stream Netflix videos in HD, then at least 5Mbps/sec or even faster is required. Speeds that are less than the aforementioned one will only lower results, which will lessen video quality and cause constant buffering.

Streaming Netflix

You may already be streaming video on demand and using the most popular subscription-based providers, that is, Hulu and Netflix.

These use subscription-based models, which means that you can pay a monthly fee to access large digital libraries.

It’s easy to set up an account and such models start with free trials so that consumers can easily select or cancel anytime they want.

Such subscription-based models also ensure that the user is not limited to a device and can watch content regardless, of the screen size of their device.

There is the option for on-demand as well, where users can watch digital content as per their schedule as well.

Why Netflix needs to have decent speeds to function properly

If Netflix is taking a long time to load, then it’s probably because of slow internet service.

To ensure that Netflix has the best audio and video quality, your internet connection needs to be fast and reliable.

Most internet plans now come with remarkable data allowances that enable a streaming service like Netflix to stream seamlessly without buffering or breaking in between.

CenturyLink does have monthly bundles that allow Netflix streaming for a reasonable cost.

While 5 Mbps is on the lower side and is simply not enough to stream Netflix, it’s also not enough when you have multiple devices at home as each device would get the bare minimum speed and you will have a hard time for all your digital activity.

If your workplace shifted at home due to the pandemic, you are probably doing a lot of work at home.

That’s why you require higher symmetrical speeds that can quickly perform your daily tasks of downloading and uploading files.

Having high-speed internet also means that if you want to take a break in between and do some gaming or watch an episode on Netflix, then your internet connection has enough bandwidth to support your tasks.

What speeds are required for Netflix to function without dropping its streaming quality

Consumers are recommended that they should at least install a service that offers a speed of 100 Mbps as this is perfect for any household, irrespective of its length or daily activity.

While most internet plans now bundle TV, phone, and the internet together, so that you can carry out various activities collectively, without putting a dent in your enthusiasm.

In this case, we recommend that you purchase a fiber broadband plan with speeds that go as high as 1 Gbps. CenturyLink is a good provider when it comes to streaming TV.

The 80 Mbps and 100 Mbps internet plans are perfect for a family of three while the fiber internet option is ideal for larger families.

Although CenturyLink does not offer you a direct streaming service, it has partnered with industry favorites such as Netflix and Hulu among many others.

The service requires a minimum speed of 20 Mbps for HD streaming.

If you are opting for standard streaming options, the 3 Mbps speed works just fine for Netflix. Whereas, if you are going for the HD option, then at least opt for 5 Mbps.

Going just a bit higher, opt for 15 Mbps if you want to stream YouTube, and to avoid buffering altogether, a speed of 25 Mbps is just perfect.

However, most providers recommend a download speed of 50 Mbps to stream Netflix seamlessly. For larger households, 100 Mbps will work just fine.

Final thoughts…

However, there are certain issues with Netflix, One, it does not take into account if multiple users are utilizing the internet connection at the same time or if multiple devices are connected at the same time.

If you are unable to resolve your issues and are dissatisfied with the quality provided by your current ISP, you can always switch to a new one.

Simply visit buytvinternetphone and check out the wide range of top ISPs under one roof!

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