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Why 8139405355 Has So Many Negative Views?


The number 8139405355 has many negative reviews posted on various websites which provides insights of unknown numbers. Is this number a scam? What have people said about this number? Who is the caller behind? What are the intentions of the caller? 

Well, after conducting research, I am here to tell YouTube the answer to all the questions that come to mind. 

When researching about the authenticity of the number 8139405355, I found mostly negative views. People have also told us about the intention of the caller so let’s start this guide:

Inspection of 8139405355:

The number belongs to the United States and has completed various calls. The website “Call Filter” has a total of 8 reviews about the number. 6 have posted negative reviews while 1 review is unknown and 1 is a debt collector. 

A website named Nomorobo has confirmed that this is a Robocall.

The number looks like an ordinary number but the caller behind this number could be extraordinary. I don’t mean to appreciate the caller but I am saying that the caller would be a spammer, fraud, or abusive. 

A website named Robo Killer has 50 robocall reviews. The total number of calls that have been made with the number 8139405355 is 12,177. 

Who is behind the number?

Well, it is quite difficult to tell about the caller because the scammers often use tactics to hide their original identity. It is also difficult to find the address of the caller. 

They might be using someone’s identity to scam people. Also, in some cases, it has been proven that a scammer can use someone’s phone number to make random calls. They are professional in ID Spoofing

The person could be a high authority, a hacker, or working in telecommunication services. 

What are the intentions of the caller?

The exact intention of the caller is unknown because the caller has no single intentions. The only factor that is clear is that the caller is a spammer and is targeting people to scam. 

Most of the reviews point to the robocall. 

Around 5 people have posted reviews that the call was silent until hung up. One user reported that he could hear the background noises before the caller hung up. 

Among those reviews, one review caught my attention which was the caller just said that I owed them money and I needed to call back to take care of it.

This looks unusual. It could be possible that the scammer personally has called the person and tried to scam him. Luckily, he didn’t do anything except hang up. 

What if you received a call from +18139405355?

If you ever receive a call from this number, hang up. If you don’t do so then most chances lead to the silent call. Most of the people has reported silent or robo call which cannot harm you. If the spammer actively running the call, he will speak and will try to convince you with his scam techniques. 

It is better to just hang up or not receive the call. 

Be educated, Be safe. 

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