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Is Meta Force Real or Fake 💰? Scam Alert

meta force real or fake

Meta Force is a growing platform that claims to offer money after network marketing and various marketing techniques, In this article, we will review is meta force real or fake and what are the ups and downs of this platform if you invest money there.

What is a Meta Force earning app?

Meta Force is an online earning app that claims that you can earn thousands of dollars by investing a few dollars as an initial investment. The website features various investment options and different outcomes for each investment option. 

The platform was founded by Lado Okhotnikov in 2020 as an Ethereum Blockchain. Now, the platform is converted to several blockchains.

Meta Force runs a Multi-level Marketing scheme (MLM) to give you some money after you invest dollars. If you looking for the exact answer to Meta Force real or fake, then the answer is that this app is fake. 

I will prove this statement in the article.

Meta Force earning app vs Forsage:

Both are the same but with different features. Both apps use the same techniques to trick people and both are fake. They claim that you will make thousands of dollars if you invest $10 or $155 USD. 

Forsage is older than Meta Force and we can consider Meta Forces as an upgrade to Forsage. First of all, it is important to stay away from such apps. Read this whole article to know how they scam people. 

Is Meta Force Real or Fake? 

Meta force is fake and they use MLM techniques to trick people into their scam. It’s important to know the work behind this app to better understand this scam. 

Meta force requires you to invest money which could be $!0 or $155 depending upon your budget or investment option. 

If you invest $155 and then you refer this platform to two new people and then one of them refers to two more people who invest $35, then you will receive $1575 dollars per week after 2 months. 

This is what they actually claim. This is a complete scam and you will lose your money here if you invest in such a place. I have been scammed into another scheme that works in the same place. 

They require you to refer more people to your platform and then someone will not be able to refer more people and he/she will lose his/her money and they will get a benefit from here. Maybe you get your money but the scheme overall scams people because not all people will manage to refer more than 4 people who will also invest in this app. So, it is a multi-level marketing technique to trick people into investing. 

How to identify and avoid such scams?

It’s quite easy to identify a scam platform when you have a knowledge of basic aspects. First of all, you have to review such a platform and check whether authentic people have invested their money in the platform or not then you have to take further steps:

  1. The platform that offers investment opportunity and requires some amount for their platform usually scam people. 
  2. The platforms that ask for a little investment and refer other people to the platform to make more investments are scams. 

These two principles are enough to identify a scam website. In short, the Meta force and Forsage are scams and you should avoid investing your money and referring to your friends or family. 

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