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The Comprehensive Guide to Using Keyword Shitter for Keyword Research

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Keyword research is an essential aspect of SEO, and it involves identifying the keywords and phrases that people use to search for products or services. One of the most effective keyword research tools available today is Keyword Shitter, which uses Google’s autocomplete feature to generate a large number of long-tail keywords.

In this guide, we will discuss how to use Keyword Shitter to find relevant keywords for your website.

Overview of Keyword Shitter

Keyword Shitter is a free keyword research tool that generates long-tail keywords using Google’s autocomplete feature. It allows users to enter a seed keyword and then generate thousands of keyword suggestions. The tool does not require registration or payment and is simple to use.

Getting Started with Keyword Shitter

To get started with Keyword Shitter, go to the website and enter a seed keyword into the search bar. The tool will then generate a list of suggested keywords. You can also select the ‘Settings’ option to refine your search by selecting a specific language or country.

Filtering and Refining Your Results

Once the list of suggested keywords is generated, you can filter and refine the results using the ‘Negative Keywords’ and ‘Positive Keywords’ filters. The Negative Keywords filter allows you to exclude keywords that are not relevant to your search, while the Positive Keywords filter only displays keywords that match your criteria.

Exporting Your Keywords

Once you have generated a list of relevant keywords, you can export them to a CSV file for use in other tools or platforms. Simply click the ‘Download CSV’ button to export your keywords.

Using Your Keywords

After exporting your keywords, you can use them to optimize your website content, create targeted ad campaigns, or perform further research using other SEO tools. Use the long-tail keywords generated by Keyword Shitter to target specific niche audiences and drive more traffic to your website.


Keyword Shitter is a powerful keyword research tool that can help you generate a large number of relevant long-tail keywords.

By using this tool, you can improve your website’s search engine rankings and drive more targeted traffic to your site. Remember to filter and refine your results, export your keywords, and use them to optimize your website content and ad campaigns.

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