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Lost Ark Powerpass: Is It Worth It?

Lost Ark Powerpass: Is It Worth It? And Buy Lost Ark Gold

Leveling Alts Have Never Been Easier

Lost Ark can be considered a game with a ton of grind. Considering this is an MMO, grinding is part of the genre. However, Lost Ark is more friendly to players who want to create multiple characters.

There are various reasons for this. First, it doesn’t take long to reach the max level compared to other MMOs. Lost Ark’s campaign is about 20 or so hours. It can be completed much faster if you know what you are doing.

However, the second option is using a Powerpass. This item is a must if you want to create multiple characters without slogging through the campaign. You will also earn Lost Ark gold in the process. Sadly, these are limited, so you have to make your choices count.

Is the Powerpass worth it? Well, that depends on what type of person you are. Before we answer that question, let’s explain exactly what the Powerpass is and how to obtain one.

What Is Lost Ark’s Powerpass?

The Powerpass is a valuable item you can unlock in Lost Ark. This allows you to bypass the main story questline. You can still do all the side quests and optional content, but the main story will be completed for you automatically.

The Powerpass is an excellent option for people who want to level up alternate characters quickly. It’s also a good choice for people who have already played Lost Ark and want to experience the endgame content without going through the entire game again.

When you are at the character select menu, you should see an icon/banner showing that you can use a Powerpass on that character, allowing you to almost get instantly to level 50. You will have to complete a few quests, but it only takes a few minutes.

How To Earn A Powerpass?

The only way to unlock a Powerpass is to complete the main story questline on one character and receive an in-game mail with the Powerpass attached. You can get another once you use that Powerpass on a character. You will receive another in the mail to use on another character.

However, you won’t get another once you accept that second Power Pass. So, be sure to use it on a character or class you plan on playing. You can save them until new classes come out as well.

However, it seems more are becoming available. With the latest update, players can earn an additional Powerpass. To make this Powerpass, players will need to complete the Feiton main story. This pass will jump you to level 50 and gear level 960. You will likely be able to unlock more once more classes and content are added to the game. However, they still are very sparse since they cannot be bought from the store.

Is The Powerpass Worth It?

The Powerpass is an excellent option for people who want to level up alternate characters quickly or want to experience the endgame content without going through the entire game again. The only downside is that you can only earn two Power Passes per account.

If you like to enjoy the story or watch the cutscenes a second time, feel free to hold on to your Powerpass until you want to use it. Also, the Powerpass isn’t going to be helpful if you like to play one character and focus on them for a long time.

For everyone else who wants to skip content and jump straight to level 50, the Powerpass is one of the most valuable items to have. Creating multiple characters is very useful for getting more rewards like Lost Ark gold and other items. The more characters that you have at max level, the more dailies you will be able to do.

Using the Powerpass will also grant you any Lost Ark gold you would have gotten from the story. It is around 600, which is a good amount to have, especially since you get it for free instantly.

The Powerpass is also great for trying out new classes. Lost Ark is constantly being updated with new content and new classes. If you want to save your Powerpass for classes, so you don’t have to grind out the story again is a great option.

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In short, the Powerpass in Lost Ark is worth it. Not only does it jumps you straight to the endgame, cutting down hours of going through the campaign, but you earn all the Lost Ark currency from the main storyline.

Having multiple characters that have completed the storyline on your Lost Ark account allows you to complete dailies on various characters—earning even more rewards if you have the time. There is no reason not to use it unless you save it for other classes to be released.

What are your thoughts on the Powerpass? Should it be added to the store? Sound off in the comments.

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