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OSRS Blue Dragon Slayer Guide

OSRS Blue Dragon Slayer Guide and How To Get OSRS Gold

This guide will help you take down Blue Dragons

In Old School RuneScape, you will need to level up your Slayer skill if you want to kill enemies that have some good loot. Sometimes you will have a task to take on one of these enemies. For example, Blue Dragons are resilient enemies that can damage big if you are not careful.

They come in many variants that offer different rewards for killing them. You don’t have to worry about baby dragons too much, but the others can be a problem if you don’t know how to deal with them.

This guide will give you tips on how to take them down and the best items and weapons to use.

Blue Dragons Locations and Requirements

Different types of Blue Dragons appear in multiple locations in Old School RuneScape. Depending on the site, the Blue Dragons may have another variant. For example, baby Blue Dragons and adult Blue Dragons are mainly located around the same area.

But the Brutal Blue Dragon is a much stronger version in another place. If you have a task to slay Blue Dragons, any variants will do. The stronger the variant, the better the OSRS GP awarded.

Blue Dragons can be found in many locations throughout Gielinor

  • Corsair Cove Dungeon (Baby and Adult Blue Dragons)
  • Isle of Souls Dungeon (Baby and Adult Blue Dragons)
  • Taverley Dungeon (Baby and Adult Blue Dragons)
  • Heroes’ Guild Basement (Adult Blue Dragons Only)
  • Ogre Enclave (Adult Blue Dragons Only)
  • Catacombs of Kourend (Brutal Blue Dragon Only)
  • Ungael (Vorkath Only)

Make sure you have the following requirements met, depending on location:

  • A dusty key or level 70 Agility to enter Taverley Dungeon.
  • Completed “Heroes’ Quest” to be able to enter Heroes’ Guild Basement.
  • Completed the “Watchtower” quest to access The Ogre Enclave.
  • Completed “Dragon Slayer II” to enter The Corsair Cove Dungeon.

Blue Dragon Stats

All variants of Blue Dragons have good defensive stats. Baby Blue Dragons are the weakest of the bunch. They have good defensive stats as well. However, they have very low hitpoints. Adult/Normal Blue Dragons have higher defensive stats and double the combat stats than baby Blue Dragons.

Brutal Blue Dragons are 150+ levels more heightened than regular Blue Dragons, so they are much more robust. It is not recommended to face this enemy if you try to complete your task quickly.

Combat Info

Baby Blue Dragon/Blue Dragon/Brutal Blue Dragon

  • Combat level: 48/111/271
  • Max hit: 5/10/21
  • Dragonfire Max Hit (Adult and Brutal Only): 50
  • Weakness: Stab, Dragonbane Weapons

Combat Stats

  • Hitpoints: 50/105/245
  • Attack: 40/95/298
  • Strength: 40/95/198
  • Defense: 40/95/198
  • Magic: 1/1/198
  • Ranged: 1/1/0

As you can see, Brutal Blue Dragons have significantly higher stats than the others. Depending on what you are trying to accomplish, it is best to stick with the dragon that is easier for you to defeat. Baby dragons are great for completing the task quickly.

Adult Blue Dragons are great for farming OSRS gold and experience per hour. Brutal Blue Dragons are for players who want some hard-to-get dragon gear like the Dragon Spear.

Recommend Strategies and Items

The encounter is straightforward when fighting Blue Dragons; you want to dish out the best DPS you can. Hopefully, it is melee or ranged so that you can use the Dragon Hunter Crossbow or Dragon Hunter Lance. Both are Dragonbane weapons that do extra damage and increase accuracy. Here are some additional items you should use when needed.

  • Dragonbane Weapons: There are only 2 Dragonbane weapons in the game. These weapons increase your accuracy and damage done to dragons and other creatures.
  • Dragonfire shield: Protects against Dragonfire attack. An upgraded version of the Anti-dragon shield.
  • Anti-dragon shield: Protects against Dragonfire attack.
  • Antifire Potions: Protect against Dragonfire Attack.

You can make slaying Blue Dragons trivial if you use a safe spot. Luckily all of the locations where Blue Dragons appear have safe places. Using these spots while using range or magic will save a lot of resources. Since these dragons can’t touch you, it eliminates the need to use potions and other options. This method is a tad slower but is worth it because it is much easier and more reliable.

However, if you are more geared towards melee and high level, the Dragon Hunter Lance will provide the highest DPS and fastest experience per hour.

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Notable Drops

There are some profitable drops that you can sell for OSRS GP. The following OSRS items are some notable items that Blue Dragons drop:

  • Dragon Bones (Always Drops): These are great for selling to get some quick OSRS gold.
  • Blue Dragonhide (Always Drops): You can make Blue Dragon Hide armor or sell them for GP.
  • Dragon Weapons: Some of these weapons can be bought, while others can’t. These can be valuable to sell, trade, or equip.

Baby Blue Dragons barely drop anything other than baby dragon bones. These tiny dragons aren’t worth killing or farming unless you want to complete your Slayer task quickly.


In short, Blue Dragons can be formidable enemies to kill, thanks to their very high defensive stats. And if you aren’t prepared, they can do significant damage with their Dragonfire ability. So make sure to bring one of the shields mentioned. If you want to kill dragons as efficiently as possible, then be sure to obtain a Dragonbane weapon to do extra damage.

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However, many of the locations allow you to safe spot blue dragons so that you can attack without care. It is best to slay baby dragons to complete tasks and farm other dragons for gear, experience, and OSRS GP.

Do you have any other tips for defeating Blue Dragons? Share all of your strategies in the comments. Happy Slaying!

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