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Painting with A Twist | Book Awesome Party and Painting Services

Painting with A Twist

Everybody likes painting. I also like painting and awesome drawings. Painting with a twist is an organization that lets you enjoy a memorable party and let you learn painting and art.

This organization has also a website where they provide a lot of information and services online.

Painting with a Twist History:

The organization “Painting with a twist” was founded by Cathy Deano and Renee Maloney who are two female entrepreneurs.

Cathy and Renee both were living a happy and satisfying life. They both decided that they should create a way for people to enjoy and have a little fun together.

To make people happy and create a little escape from a hard life, they founded painting with a twist in 2007.

What they provide:

Painting with A Twist

The company started hosting many events across the nation. They have now 300+ franchises. They provide people with an environment where all the people can enjoy their life without any stress.

They also provide the facility of art for people who are interested in art, designing, and painting. They aim to connect people with their friends and to provide them an environment where all the people can laugh, enjoy, and recharge with friends. 

How does painting with a twist work?

The organization held an event which is “painting with a purpose”. They promote their event on various social media platforms to reach more audiences. Anyone can join the event. The events are held publicly.

After completing the events, then donates the proceeds to some non-profit organizations. The company has more than 300 studios in the U.S. You can easily join the organization because its studios are all across the U.S.

You can check their upcoming events and can find that event which best suits you.   

Undercover boss painting with a twist:

Undercover boss painting with a twist is a TV show in which Renee, which is the co-founder and CEO of the organization, goes undercover to see how the company member treats their customers.

Painting with a twist also organize date nights for couples to draw their most beautiful memories with paints at painting with a twist. You can also book your private events at different prices.

Painting with A Twist

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Throughout their journey, the organization has donated more than $5 million to various non-profit organizations. Now, painting with a twist has more than 300 franchise and their lover all across the United States.

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