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Roger Hub Tool! Find Final Grade And GPA Within Seconds

roger hub calculator

Roger Hub is a website that was developed by Roger Chen, a computer programmer, Roger Chen is a Google site reliability engineer and a professional programmer. He has developed many awesome and beneficial sites. One of his most popular and beneficial websites is Roger Hub.

Roger hub:

The site was established on 2009-08-26. The primary focus of the site owner is to help students find the percentage that they need to get a particular grade in a class. Roger Hub grade calculator will let you know how much percentage you need to get a particular grade.

If you are wondering how to find this website, then you can simply search the below terms on Google and you will find the website easily:

  • Exam result calculator Roger Hub
  • Current grade calculator 
  • Final grade calculator
  • Grade calculator points
  • Grade percentage calculator
  • Final exam grade calculator 


The website provides two major tools.

  1. Roger Hub Final Grade Calculator
  2. Roger Hub GPA Calculator

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Roger Hub GPA Calculator:

Roger Hub GPA Calculator

This tool will help you to find the average points by adding up all grade points. You have to add all the grade points to know your final GPA using the Roger Hub calculator. You don’t have to add Plus or Minus signs in the field because it will not consider them.

The calculator is best for California students. The GPA calculation process is quite simple, and you can do it using any calculator. If you want to make your math cool, then you should use the Roger Hub GPA calculator




Your calculator is the only UC calculator I have seen that allows you to indicate quarter vs semester system.”


Hi Roger,

Thanks for this, king! I’ll tell you if I get in anywhere. I had a 3.8/4.35/4.20, but I’m shooting for UCB or UCLA. Not sure how realistic that is but oh well.”

These were some reviews of the GPA calculator users.

Roger Hub Final Grade Calculator:

Roger Hub Final Grade Calculator

You can get your final grade information by using this calculator. Just fill in the information in the empty fields and get your minimum final grade.

You can also do this on other calculators, but it will also help you to find the final grade.



I only need a 57 on my math final to keep my high honors this is fantastic thank you


I’ve been using this site since high school and I’m now inputting my grades for my last final in college before I graduate on Friday. thanks for all the help over the years. I only need a D to get an A in this class too, so I’m ending off strong!”


It’s that time of year again.
Honestly, I’m glad school is almost over, and I am even more glad that I already got into the program I always wanted. Thanks to Roger I will be starting Aerospace Engineering at McMaster.

Thank you, Roger and I want to wish all students who are in whatever situation they might be in (good or bad) good luck, wish u all nothing short of the best. Hope you keep pushing and working work till your dreams come true. ML 🙂

These were the tools that Roger Chen Google Reliability Engineer provided us, and you can also read the reviews of Roger Hub calculator users. Did you use this tool? Tell us your opinion in the comment section.

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