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Finally! I Downloaded Movies From Vegamovies


When browsing the internet searching for a movie “Blue Beetle” to download, I came across vegamovies to find whether I can download the movie from here or not. But first, it is necessary for the movie to be on that site. 

I searched for the movie’s name and found that movie here.

Now, the main task was to download the movie. During the downloading procedure, I faced many issues but finally managed to download it.

Here in this article, I will give you a brief overview of the website, how it is designed, is vegamovies safe or not, how to download movies from vega movies, and what problems you can face when downloading a movie.  


First of all, vegamovies is a stunning platform to download HD movies and TV series for completely free.

Now, don’t close this article and run to Vega movies website to start downloading movies. You will not be able to download any movie until you read this whole guide. 

The site is designed simply with a user-friendly interface which is in my opinion, easy for everyone.

You cannot watch any movie on the site online. You have to download one. The download procedure is annoying and a little difficult for beginners.

However, I am here to help you out with my personal experience. 

How To Download Movies From vegamovies?

When you click on a movie, you will not be able to watch the movie.

An article will open with pictures of the movie and all the details of the movie you will see several buttons within the article that will lead you to the download page.

Here you should be careful.

I cannot tell you the downloading procedure for each movie but can guide you through the most common steps. 

Install AdBlocker First: First of all, install a good adblocker. I recommend using the Adblocker extension for Chrome and clicking on the first extension. You can use the Windscribe extension if you want both adblocker and VPN in a single extension. 

Find The Movie You Want to Download: Click on the Movie you want to download and then click on one of the given buttons that you see in the article. Scroll down till you find various downloading options. 

Select Resolution: Select the best resolution from the available options and you will be redirected to a new link. Generally, you have three options to download in each quality as soon below:

movie downloading options

You can click on any option. Now, you will still see three options to download one when redirected to a new tab. 

Save File: Now, if a website opens with the player showing the download and watch online option then click on the watch online option. Now, move your cursor to the video player and then right-click on it. From the menu, click on the save video and select the destination folder. Click on save and your file will start downloading. 

So, you see how easy it is to download movies from vegamovies. You just need a little time and effort to do so. 

Common Issues that you can face when downloading movies:

Well, you can experience these issues when downloading movies but I think it is a good idea to tell you about these issues before you start downloading so you won’t panic at that moment. 

First of all, the site has too many ads and I have told you its solution which is installing an adblocker extension in your Chrome.

Second, you may be redirected to many websites when downloading a movie. Ad Blocker cannot solve this issue you have to face these links and wait for a few seconds to get the download link. 

These two are the most common issues when downloading movies from vegamovies.

If you want a website where you can watch movies online instead of downloading then you must take a look at flixhq for movie streaming. 

An interesting point here is that when you search for vegamovies.miami on Google, you will redirected to a search query with.black tld.

You can then click on the first results and the vega movies site will open. If you like our content, visit the whole blog for more such content. 

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