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Advantages of Virtual Desktop for growing Businesses

Virtual Desktop

Desktop virtualization is a feasible solution for businesses with specific business needs, such as specialized workloads, a flexible workforce, or working in a highly regulated environment.

It gives employees the flexibility to use the devices they want to use while maintaining data security and productivity. Unlike traditional virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) services, which are not expensive and affordable for most small businesses, Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) is a viable and affordable VDI option.

What is Azure Virtual Desktop? 

Azure Virtual Desktop is a desktop and app virtualization service that runs in the cloud through instantiated virtual machines. It provides enterprise network monitoring and secures easy-to-use virtual desktop infrastructure for company employees. You can run Windows 10 Multisession, Windows 10 or 7, and Windows Server 2021 R2, 2016, or 2019, depending on your configuration.

Azure Virtual Desktop is supported on a variety of remote desktop clients such as Windows desktop, macOS, Android, iOS, Web, and Microsoft Store clients. Your Virtual Cloud Desktop Providers will help you to set up Virtual Desktops for you so that remote access to work files gets easier from anywhere and anytime.

What are the benefits of using Azure Virtual Desktop?

Ensures optimum data security

Data security is the main reason companies choose Azure Virtual Desktop. In fact, by 2020, 84% of IT leaders were concerned about cloud security as they moved from home to work. Azure Virtual Desktop uses reverse connection transport to establish a remote session. This provides a much safer mechanism.


Owners of existing Windows or Microsoft 365 licenses have the right to access Azure Virtual Desktop and pay only for what they use. You can save infrastructure costs by adapting virtual machines (VMs) accordingly and optimizing the use of VMs in Windows 10 and Windows 11 multi-sessions. Centralized management service to reduce overhead. High-load organizations can choose pay-as-you-go.

Flexible and Secure Remote Work

Virtual PC Online gives employees the flexibility to access virtual desktops and applications anytime, anywhere, from any device. Microsoft will also make changes to Office products to improve behavior in multi-session environments and provide users with a seamless experience.

In addition, integration with the FSLogix profile container, a profile management solution, allows desktop users to easily switch virtual machines. AVD’s multi-session capabilities help employees take advantage of the rich features of Windows 10 and stack multiple users on a single desktop.

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Highly Scalable

Organizations can easily scale up and down resources based on their own business needs. Users can use the Azure portal as a central management hub to configure network settings such as adding and removing users, deploying desktop apps, and enabling security.

AVD helps improve operational efficiency by saving on infrastructure, desktop management, and other support costs.


A lot of businesses depend on virtualization for security reasons. Virtualization helps in minimizing the spread of malicious software throughout the entire enterprise and also makes any damage more controllable.

Presently, Virtual Desktop hosting providers like Apps4Rent take full responsibility for providing the security and maximum uptime of the Virtual platform.

They also specialize in various Hosting and migrations such as migrate public folders to office 365 while providing their customer with 24/7 support which makes them excellent partners to choose for the service.

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