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What is Chunckapp? 5 Easy Steps To Get Rid of the Malware

what is chunckapp

What is chunckapp? the question is the most frequently asked question nowadays in many social forums and also on Google. Chucnkapp looks like malware but it is not officially malware. 

However, it looks very disturbing when it starts interrupting your normal browsing experience. 

So, the next question arises how to get rid of the chunk app?

Well, we are here to tell you all about chunckapp and apps related to chunckapp. 

What is chunckapp?

Chunckapp is a type of software and extension in our search browser that automatlically redirects your searches to another search engine like Yahoo search.

You will see chunkapp new tab when you open your browser. 

This means your browser is infected by this app.

Is Chunckapp malware?

Chunckapp is not malware itself but the working of this software looks like malware working. This extension changes your normal browsing experience to https://feed.chunckapp.com browsing experience. 

All your search queries will be redirected by https://feed.chunckapp.com to another search engine. 

This is a marketing technique to get more users on your platform which is mostly used by Yahoo search

What is https://feed.chunckapp.com?

Now, you will ask this question what is the term “what is https://feed.chunckapp.com”? The feed attacks on Mac.  This is a browser hijacker and a malicious program by which a user usually becomes unaware.

How I got Chunckapp? 

You might be asking that I have not installed this program manually so how did I get this software on my Mac? The question is very important. You might have installed an app that requires some additional software to be installed. Or it will be optional for you to install some additional programs or extensions on your device. 

You might have clicked on the install button and the chunckapp got installed in this way. Now you are wondering how to remove Cunkapp from Mac. 

Here is a simple guide to removing this program from your Mac.

Before we tell you the procedure, keep in mind that you should only install programs and extensions that are necessary. Unnecessary extensions should be avoided. Now, you have understood what is chunckapp and how it gets installed on Mac.

Here are the points you should follow to remove chunckapp from your device:

  1. Go to “System Preferences” and search for “Profiles”.
  2. If your Mac is normal then there will be no profile but if you find one or more, then you should delete the profile. 
  3. Now, search for “applications” in Finder
  4. Scroll and find if there is any unknown or unnecessary app. After finding it, Right-click on the app and select “move to trash” option.
  5. Also, clean the trash.

This procedure is for removing Chunckapp program from your Mac. You should see all of your extensions in your search browser. If you find Chunckapp extension installed then delete it right now.

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Hope you have understood the procedure and got rid of the chunckapp. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section.

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