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Is American Winged Goblin Real or Fake? Fact Checked

american winged goblin real or fake

I am eager to know about many mythological creatures and that’s why I came to know about American winged goblin in a picture. The picture looks real and that’s why it is confusing a lot of people that is the American winged goblin real or fake. 

I have completed my research and want to tell you about the reality of this picture that went viral on Reddit, Facebook, and various social media platforms. 

So, let’s get started. 

What are Goblins and Fairies?

Goblins are humanoid creatures that are mostly connected to fairies and demons. Goblins are also mythological creatures like fairies which are not scientifically proven yet. 

However, demons exist like Ghoul

The concept of Goblin comes from various cultures and traditions. The shape, size, and appearance of Goblins are described differently according to the areas where people believe in such creatures. 

American Winged Goblin:

In September 2022, a photographer posted a picture of a winged goblin lifted on the hand. The picture was posted in a Reddit community of “Black Magic”. The picture looks so realistic that it went viral. The author stated its name as “American Winged Goblin”. 

You can see the picture below:

american winged goblin screenshot
Screenshot taken from a post on Reddit

On Aug 17, 2022, the picture appeared in a Facebook community named Magic Within where people post pictures of supernatural entities. The picture was the same as Reddit but the caption was different. 

The author of the post itself states that this is my imagination which I converted into art. 

Still, rumors spread about this picture and most people still looking to is the American-winged goblin real or fake. 

Is American Winged Goblin real or fake?

Without taking more of your time, let me say that the picture is fake. I know It looks amazing and super realistic but this is a piece of art created by a photographer. People claim that this is a real goblin species because the picture describes so many details about the creature but the fact is that the picture is just a piece of art.

The author of the picture has created many other pictures of such little fairy creatures. The pictures look quite interesting but it is just art. Don’t take it in your real life. 

Another picture went viral on social media of a Lynx Owl which looks more beautiful than this American Winged Goblin but it was created with an AI image creator tool. So, it is important to check the facts first before spreading rumors and conspiracies. 

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