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Takuache Animal: 7 Mind Blowing Facts

takuache animal

The name takuache animal is derived from tlacuatzin and it is now also known as tlacuache. It is important to know the difference between this animal and rats. 

Takuache belongs to opossum family and most of the members of this family are called by the name takuache in Mexico. 

These species are found in Mexico and other parts of North America. They are big in size and that’s why people confuse them with big rats and rodents. They are from marsupials.

Here in this article, I have concluded 7 mind blowing facts about this interesting animal. So, let’s get started. 

Takuache Animal is a Natural Pest Cleaner

It plays a crucial role in our system by cleaning our environment from excessive pests. They also prey upon small rodents like rats and mice to control their population. 

Besides controlling their population, they also stop the spread of diseases that those rodents and insects carry. 

They even eat some poisonous snakes and keep those messy snakes away from us. This shows their significance and contribution to our ecosystem. 

They Contributes in Plants Growth

Although their major source of food is dead animals, insects, rodents and birds, they also eat fruits and plants. They spread the seeds of fruits in random locations and those seeds result in the formation of new plants.

It’s like the phenomenon of raining where the water evaporates and makes clouds and those clouds then send down rain. 

Besides this takuache animal, Squirrels are also responsible for the growth of many trees because they bury tree seeds and forget to take them out resulting in the birth of thousands of trees per year. 

They work like waste cleaner

Opossums feed on dead animals and organic waste material which reduces waste from our environment without the need of manmade equipment.

This helps in decomposing and provides rich nutrients to the soil, making the soil more fertile. 

They Don’t carry rabies

They wander many places and feed on dead animals and organic waste material but they don’t carry rabies. It’s highly unlikely for a takuache animal to carry rabies.

So, if they touch you, licks you, or use your items, it is completely safe to use them after washing them with water. 

They have a very short lifespan

The average lifespan of marsupials is 9 years but for tlacuache, it is just 1 to 2 years. The reason behind this shorter lifespan is the bunch of predators that roamed around them.

They gain sexual maturity quickly and reproduce extensively. High reproduction rate makes them able to survive and maintain their population in the environment. 

Female tlacuache give birth to even 8 to 20 youngs at one time!

Even with shorter lifespans, they manage to thrive due to high fertility rate. Female takuache usually gives birth to 8 youngs at one time.

However, the number can exceed 20! You may see mother takuache wandering casually carrying a lot of youngs over her back. This shows similarity between them and other marsupials. 

They have a cool defense system when feel threatened

They have a unique self defense system when they feel threatened which is usually known as “playing possum”. If they feel threatened, they play dead or release a smell from their body similar to a dead animal’s. This defense mechanism often saves them from their natural predators. This response to danger may last a few hours until they feel safe to roam freely.


The Takuache animal is a very unique creature and its occurrence in just Mexico, North, Central, and South America makes him more special.

Locals may underestimate the importance of this little creature but those facts mentioned in this article are enough to convince anyone that they are a part of our ecosystem and Mexican culture.

They contribute to our society and naturally clean the environment and take part in forest regeneration.

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