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Why Companies Prefer Human Written Over AI-Generated Content

human written vs ai-generated content

The fact is crystal clear that reputable brands prefer quality over quantity. 

After the launch of AI models especially ChatGPT, the quality started fading out and we see a huge rise in content over the internet.

As far as AI-generated Content is concerned, it has two aspects; obviously, Positive and Negative.

Let’s first take a look at the positive effects of AI. 

Positive effects of AI content:

Content writing is not an easy task. It takes time to create content that provides quality and solutions to a problem to the reader. 

The biggest reason people use AI nowadays is to create content quickly. 

No matter the content is audio, video, image, or text. Many AI tools are capable of creating content within a few seconds like Murf, Hour One, Midjourney, ChatGPT, etc. 

If we dive deep into the application of AI nowadays, we can find humanoid robots that can perform various human-like tasks.

Many bloggers have now started blogging using AI content. Some copy and paste content while some perform edits to the content to make it natural.

The idea looks pretty good for a new person but what is the perspective of market professionals about AI-generated content? Let’s have a look.

Negative Effects of AI Content:

At the end of 2022, Google launched an update regarding the E-A-T model with an additional E (Experience). 

The E-E-A-T model is an acronym for Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.

Google added another factor in the E-A-T model which is Experience. Now, what companies are concerned with is quality.

Quality only comes with proper research, human-written content, and experience in a particular subject. 

The aim of AI models is to give information on particular queries; Not to train, give quality, and help individuals in specific tasks, especially in healthcare, law, religion, news, and science. 

No doubt, AI content ranks well in search engines. 

The ranking lasts only a few weeks or months and the site goes back to its previous position. Sometimes, it is worse than the previous condition.

AI has only the knowledge that is input by humans. 

Let’s have a look at the negative effects of AI content. 

AI Lacks Quality

First of all, AI lacks quality. It is indeed a much faster way to generate content than hiring content writers. However, someone using AI to generate content has to shake hands with quantity and say goodbye to quality.

AI provides information, not the solution

The second thing is that AI writes topic-specific content, not readers-specific content. If a user is looking for a particular solution or guide, AI cannot assist it. 

AI lacks emotions

AI doesn’t have emotions and a human-like brain. Artificial intelligence can perform well in some fields but for healthcare, religion, law, emotional content, and science, it can generate inaccurate information. 

Why brands prefer human content over AI-generated content

Content is King

This is a well-known proverb often quoted by writers and marketing experts. 

What if it is easy to generate or create a king without any effort? What will happen then? Obviously, the king will lose his value. 

The same goes for the content of a website. Especially in the healthcare industry where even a  little piece of inaccurate information can lead to various health issues. 

The inaccuracy and lack of quality can cause various issues and most of the bloggers compromise quality. It is not appropriate for brands to use AI content for their website which can misguide readers. 

Those high-quality and reputable brands never use AI content for their websites like TechCrunch, SearchEngineLand, WebMD, Mayo Clinic, HealthLine, etc. 

The reason is that they know the consequences of using AI generative content. 

AI is no doubt good for general information. Writers can use it for creating drafts. However, relying on Artificial intelligence for sensitive information will be harmful. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is Google penalizing AI content?

No, Google is not penalizing AI-generated content as long as it doesn’t break the rules set by Google. If the content is spammy and provides wrong information about the topic, it will fall under Google Spam Policies and may get penalized. 

Can google detect AI content?

Yes, Google has developed a dedicated algorithm to find and filter AI-generated content. If the content is written using AI and published as it is then Google will easily detect it. 

Is it safe to use AI-generated content?

AI content sometimes, works well in some niches but not for all. For sensitive topics like updated news, health, science, religion, and law, it can generate inaccurate or misleading information which can cause serious trouble. That’s why an individual or company must avoid completely relying on AI content. 

Is AI going to replace content writers?

Never! It is true that AI-generated content has badly affected a content writer’s value. However, companies that know the value of human content will not replace writers with AI content. 

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