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Is Lynx Owl Real or Fake? Possibility Checked

lynx owl real or fake

You might have seen a trending picture of a Lynx Owl on Twitter which is now circulating in social media raising a chilling question, “Is a Lynx Owl real or fake?”. 

The picture is quite astonishing and impressive when you give it its first look. Also, it makes you question supernatural creatures as many people are doing. 

A Lynx is a medium-sized wild cat that is generally not considered as dangerous. A Lynx is more than twice in size of a cat. Have you ever wondered about a Lynx Owl which is quite supernatural or Mythological

Well, we are going to expose the reality of this Twitter trend in this article. 

Lynx Owl real or fake?

The short answer to your question is “Fake”. The picture which you can see below is an AI-generated image

lynx owl ai art

I know this is astonishing but the fact is that this image is generated from an AI image-creator tool. There is no such creature outside that has four limbs, a face like a great horned owl, the wings of an owl, and the color of the body of a Lynx. 

The picture was first posted by Ezer which is a verified account of a guy who likes to post Tech, Sci-Fi, and Memes on his channel. 

You can see his official tweet below which went viral raising the question “Is lynx owl real or fake”:

The Official picture in the tweet which went viral

Viewers Reactions:

Well, the most interesting part of teh story is that the audience’s reactions are worth reading. Some people were saying that this is a hybrid of a tiger owl and a Lynx which looks quite authentic but this is not possible. A hybrid of a Lynx and an Owl is impossible. 

Hybrids can occur between two animals of the same species which has common ancestors. The owl is a bird while the Lynx is a big cat. So the Hybrid of an Owl and Lynx is not biologically possible. 

Here is a screenshot of a person’s tweet in which he shared the same picture as Ezer and he wrote about this picture that this is an AI art which is created by Dreamers Zen:

So now, it is clear that the picture that is highly circulating nowadays is just AI art which is quite astonishing.

Is Lynx Owl possible?

Well, biologically it is not possible. We know know maybe this kind of creature existed in the past when there were no humans or technology. Currently, this kind of creature doesn’t exist. Also, the Hybrid of a great horned owl and a Lynx is biologically impossible. 

Many people are not posting the same picture in their tweets or social media platforms. Many new images have been created by various social media users with AI. Also, the graphic designers are not lagging at this moment.

They have designed unique art that looks quite interesting and mythical. Well, the original image that is circulating on social media is the best picture in my opinion.

Let us know about your opinion.

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