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Copywriting vs Content Writing: Which is Better?

Copywriting vs Content Writing

Content writing is one of the growing fields of freelancing. According to StartupBonsai, a survey was conducted in 2021 about content writing. The report says that there were around 1.9 billion websites of which 600 million were blog sites and the daily post publish count is 6 million. 

These statistics were conducted in 2021 and this is the end of 2022. 

As we know, content marketing is the fastest-growing field so the daily post publish count has increased. With the increasing demand for content marketing, there are also a lot of jobs available in content writing.

Here in this article, we will tell you what is content writing and copywriting, their differences, salaries, and their benefits nowadays.

Copywriting vs Content Writing:

Don’t be confused with copywriting because it is a subfield of content writing. Copywriting is like promotional content which is a great strategy to create useful content that can promote your service or product. 

It is mostly beneficial for agencies that provide different services. Most agencies especially hire copywriters to create useful content that can promote their service across various social media platforms and businesses. 

On the other hand, Content writing is the main field of writing in which a writer writes anything about a particular topic. Content writing is like creative writing. The topic may or may not include the promotion of a particular product or service.

There are many types of content writing and copywriting is one of the most beneficial types of content writing. 


According to Writer, The average salary of a copywriter with 15 years of experience in the United States is around $88,000

On the other hand, the average salary of a content writer with 5 years of experience is around $62,000.  

Benefits of Content and Copywriting:

Benefits of Content and Copywriting

Being a Content writer is really a good job position. A content writer has a lot of benefits over other online workers. A content writer can increase a site’s visibility in search engines by working on good keywords. 

A content writer can generate more traffic to the website or blog. As a content writer, you can earn $62,00 per year on average. 

On the other hand, a Copywriter can generate more leads for your business. A copywriter can increase your sales and engage more audiences and get huge attention from new customers. 

Copywriting vs content writing: which is better?

Copywriting is a subfield of content writing. There is not a big difference between these two fields. Both can generate more audience and can let you earn a handsome amount of money. No one field is better than another. 

So if you are considering learning a skill then you can learn anyone which best suits your need. 

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