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Mesmerizing Facts about Creepe Teepee Mongolia 2024

creepy teepee mongolia

“Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

In Mongolia’s vast steppe,

A Creepy Teepee hides its clue”

You might be familiar with Creepy Teepee if you have studied or visited Mongolia and its culture. The creepy teepee Mongolia is not creepy. 

Mongolia is a land of mesmerizing and mysterious landscapes with vast stunning cultural and religious values. 

According to a survey, geographists found that around 51.7% Buddhism, 40.6% No religion, 3.2% Islam, 2.5% Shamanism, 1.3% Christianity, and 0.7% Other religious values can be found in Mongolia.

People of Mongolia speak Mongolian and they share mixed characteristics of Buddhism and Shamanism. 

The Creepy teepee traditions are also shared by both shamanism and Buddhism. 

What is Creepy Teepee Mongolia?

creepy teepee mongolia
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The creepy Teepee structures are often called “Yurt” or ”ger”. These structures are a part of Shamanism culture but now mostly Buddhists and Mongolians pray according to their beliefs.

These structures are often created by wooden framework or by stones. They usually held an opening on the top of the structure for air ventilation and smoke to be released. 

The people who follow the belief system of Mongolian culture sometimes set fire to the creepy teepee to purify people’s souls according to their belief system.

Many creepy teepee festivals are held worldwide with different beliefs and procedures which could be similar to creepy teepy Mongolian’s structure or could be completely different.

Some festivals are just held for entertainment and don’t include any spiritual framework. Instead, they use music to chill.

Facts about Creepy Teepee Mongolia:

The Mongolian Creepy Teepee carries many interesting stories and facts with it throughout its history. The most interesting facts are:

Creepy Teepee possesses extraordinary healing powers:

According to people who used to pray near these wooden frameworks, it possess healing powers that can heal you mentally, spiritually, and also physically. 

When I studied Mongolian psychology, is somehow felt a relation between Creepy Teepee worshipers and African Voodoo culture where Voodoo or black magic is used for spiritual and physical healing. 

In order to purify or heal people’s souls, they perform a specific kind of ritual which includes setting fire around the Creepy Teepee. 

If you study the culture and belief system of Shamanists then you will find that there is a special relationship between shamanists and fire. 

According to Shamanism belief, fire is the simple of rebirth, purification, and transformation.

That’s why they used to set fire to the Teepee Mongolia structure because Shamanists were the people who started worshiping after creating such a structure. 

Creepy Teepee includes an Animal Slaughtering ritual:

You might be shocked after hearing this but it is true. They sometimes use animals for slaughtering in order to get spiritual benefits from Creepy Teepee. This is just part of their belief system. 

In my opinion, the Creepy teepee is not just a sacred structure or place for praying for Mongolians, but it is like a god or something like that for people who used to worship it.

The possibility is due to the fact that animal slaughtering or animal sacrifice is part of many religions.

So, it feels like they used to worship the Creepy Teepee.

Teepee Mongolia is Banned and Operate Secretly as a Cult:

This religion is officially banned in many areas in Mongolia due to animal sacrifice and other unusual beliefs which make this religion a mesmerizing cult. 

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Now, these cults are run secretly by cult members in hiding. If you see someone doing such a ritual, you can report local authorities about the situation.

If someone is caught in the act of ritual, he/she will be punished. 

It is the part of Culture and one of the Most Religious Practice in Mongolia:

Now, it has become a part of Mongolian culture and is also famous for being one of the most practiced religions in Mongolia.

Officially, you will not find followers of this religion on social media or the internet but if you ever visit Mongolia then you will find its followers everywhere. 

Climate change and lifestyle change are now a threat to this cult because the ritual requires a particular space and area to be done. 

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