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The Mystery of Oak Island Finally Solved!

mystery of oak island finally solved

Have you ever heard the stories of the mysterious island and the stories of treasure hunting

The Mystery of Oak Island is one of the famous stories. Now, the mystery of Oak Island finally solved!

In Nova Scotia, the highly mysterious Oak Island is famous for its treasure of Captain Kidd and its interesting stories.

A few members of Captain Kidd (d. 1701) once stated that the treasure worth 2 million pounds had been buried on the Island.

Where is the Oak Island located?

oak island map

The Oak Island is located in the south of Nova Scotia, Canada.

Many believe that the famous treasure is buried in the 140-acre-forest covered area due to legends and stories about Oak Island since the 18th century.

History of Oak Island:

The treasure hunt began in 1795, when a 16-year-old boy, Daniel McIness reached Oak Island.

He found evidence of tree-felling a shallow saucer-shaped depression in the ground.

The next day Daniel returned with his two friends John Smith and Anthony Vaughn and began digging. After putting the some effort they stopped digging because they found nothing.

In 1803, a company reached the Island and started digging. Many of other companies also started the project to find the treasure but everyone failed.

For more than two centuries, many treasure hunters and adventurers have tried to find out the secrets of Oak Island.

They spent millions of dollars on it to find out the treasure of Captain Kidd that is buried exceptionally deep in the surface of the Island.

The obsession continues, the television series “ The Curse of Oak Island ” in 2014 was made, and different locations were highlighted by the series.

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Lagina Brothers:

American Lagina brothers Rick and Marty are the latest treasure hunters who are challenged to find out the secrets of Oak Island.

In 2006, they purchased a 50% stake in Oak Island Tour. That was when their treasure-hunting journey began.

Mystery of Oak Island Finally Solved:

The Lagina brothers were very obsessed with the Mystery of Oak Island and the secrets that are famous all around the world.

At a very young age, their interest in this treasure got started when their father showed them an article about Oak Island in the Wall of Street Journal. They decided to solve the Mystery of this Island.

The Lagina brothers found various items that had a surface of a hundred years old on the Island with some carbon-dated and different fossil fuels that were considered as the main treasure in their own right.

Sadly, no significant treasure was found. However, the Mystery of Oak Island was finally Solved after recent digging by the Lagina brothers and a lot of effort by different people.

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