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Fangtooth Fish: Habitat, Threats, And Interesting Facts

Fangtooth Fish

The fangtooth fish is a relatively small species of fish that lives in the Pacific Ocean. It’s distinctive for its prominent fangs and its unusual eating habits, which have earned it the nickname “ogrefish.”

The fangtooth is a bottom-dwelling predator that feeds on bivalves (shrimp-like clams), snails, and crustaceans (such as crabs). The fangtooth was once considered part of the same genus as the moray eel, but it has now been moved into a separate genus because they don’t look anything alike.

Fangtooth Fish

Fangtooth fish is a common name given to the Anoplogaster cornuta, a species of fish that lives in warm waters. The name comes from its prominent upper teeth, which protrude over its lower lip.

The scientific name of this fish is Anoplogaster cornuta, which means “fanged tooth.” You can also see it referred to as the “fangtooth” or “convict swordtail,” both of which are common names for the fish.


The fangtooth fish is a long, tubular fish that has a large mouth. The fangtooth fish has large teeth and small, round eyes. Fangtooth fish have large fangs and teeth that can grow up to 2 inches long; they also have long dorsal fins.

They inhabit coral reefs around the world but only live near islands or other structures where there is plenty of food available, such as sponges and algae.

The fangtooth has a long, slim body with big eyes and long whiskers on its face. It has two dorsal fins that are joined by a membrane (like those in eels). The first dorsal fin has spines near its tip; this is called a stinger when it’s used for defense purposes against predators such as other fishes and humans—but not sharks!


The fangtooth fish lives in deep water, ocean, or open sea. It can be found in tropical areas of the oceans.

The fangtooth fish is found in warm water and is an active predator that hunts its prey at night when they’re sleeping.


Fangtooth fish are known for eating small fish and invertebrates, but they have also been known to eat other fangtooth fish. The specialized jaw of the fangtooth fish is shaped like a spoon so that it can dig into prey easily. This allows them to swallow their prey whole, which makes it easier for them to capture prey in the wild than other types of sharks would be able to do.


  • Threats to the species
  • Threats to the habitat
  • Threats to the food chain

Fangtooth Fish Facts

fangtooth fish

The fangtooth fish is a type of deep-sea fish that lives in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans. These bioluminescent creatures have large fang-like teeth for eating their prey.

The fangtooth has two sets of eyes: one on each side of its head. The upper jaw extends past the lower jaw when feeding so that it can take advantage of any food drifting by its mouth as well as grab onto larger prey with its teeth.

When alarmed at something nearby, such as predators or other fish swimming around them, they emit light from their bodies, which appears blueish green if viewed through a special filter.

Its face is similar to Anglerfish, which is a scary fish too!

Its common name comes from the prominent fang-like upper teeth that protrude over its lower lip. The fangtooth fish is a bottom-dwelling species, living in shallow areas of the ocean and even in brackish water. It is not generally found near coral reefs, which are typically home to bony fish like parrotfish and groupers.

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