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How To Make A YouTube Video In 10 Simple Steps

How To Make A YouTube Video In 10 Simple Steps

Are you looking forward to creating your own YouTube channel? Are you a marketing professional who wants to learn how to publish your own YouTube content for your brand? Or do you have an idea but are not quite sure how to make a YouTube video about it?

Creating your own YouTube videos can be a great way to provide information and share your content. However, creating videos can be a tiresome and challenging task for beginners. Having said that, it’s not an easy platform to master either.

You must know the best way to create videos, optimize them for search, and ultimately get your message out.

Many marketers find it hard to develop their first video, let alone a second and third. As the saying goes, “it is always easier said than done,” making YouTube music fun and easy, but it is time-consuming and complex.

However, the most successful YouTubers are not only in tune with their target audience but also have a planned, step-by-step approach to making videos.

If you’re interested in creating videos for your business, this blog will guide you to make your YouTube videos in 10 simple and easy steps. 

10 Simple Steps To Know How to Make A YouTube Video

Follow the below steps to know how to make a YouTube video.

Step 1: Pick a Topic For Your Video And Research It

The first and most important thing to do for creating a YouTube video is to select an appropriate topic for your YouTube video as per your target audience. You can search videos related to your niche on YouTube to get an idea about video topics.

You can also figure out which topic has the least created videos and has a potential demand. 

Once you select your topic, you must do thorough research on it. You can watch multiple YouTube videos to get an idea of the structure and length of the footage, the level of information given in the video, the thumbnail & title used for different videos, and more.

You must note everything you research to implement it in your videos properly. 

Step 2: Categorize And Plan Your Video

Once you have researched enough about your topic, you have to categorize it. Following are the three basic categories you can use to categorize the videos.

Education: If you are good at your niche and your video educates your audience about that topic, it comes under the education category. Examples of Education videos are Tutorials, Lectures, and more.

Entertainment: If the primary purpose of your video is to entertain your audience, then it is an entertainment video. Examples of entertainment videos are comedy videos, vlogs, reaction videos, etc.

Awareness: If the primary purpose of your video is to spread awareness amongst your audience, then it can be categorized as an Awareness video. 

You have to categorize your videos based on your video topic and the research you have done. It helps you to plan the content of your video. 

Now, you have to plan your video. Planning involves scripting your video creatively while telling your story in sequential order.

You can write or sketch your scripts using paper and pen or digital storyboards. Your entire video will be based on this script, so be as creative as possible.

Step 3: Create a Title And Thumbnail

The title and thumbnail of your video play a crucial part in attracting the audience to your video, and these need to be as attractive as possible. In addition, both the title and thumbnail should depict the content of your video.

The title of your video should be relevant to your target audience, and it should contain relevant keywords. It should shortly describe the content of your video, but it should never be used as clickbait. 

The thumbnail of your video should be of high quality. It should describe the video, but at the same time, it should evoke curiosity in the audience. It should contain multiple colors with text and images.

Step 4: Search Engine Optimization for your videos

Your video must pop in the top search results when a user searches for relevant videos. You can achieve it by optimizing your videos for the right keywords. 

You can get a keyword for your video by conducting keyword research. Furthermore, you can use any online keyword research tool or put yourself in the shoes of a user looking for similar content.

Ask yourself what users will search when looking for similar content, and you will get your keyword.

Once you get your keyword, you should use it in the title, description, tags, and video file’s name before uploading. It tells YouTube that your video is specifically about that keyword, which helps you rank higher in search results. 

Step 5: Use Your Devices Effectively

Everyone has a different budget for their equipment. It is not about having better devices but how you utilize them. For example, smartphones have improved so much these days that they are enough to create and edit high-quality videos. 

To record video instructions or tutorials for example you can use a screen recorder with internal audio so you don’t have to buy additional equipment

If your budget is low, you don’t need an expensive camera and microphone. Your phone is enough. Moreover, the difference between an expensive camera and a smartphone is hardly noticeable. 

Step 6: Create a Stage

Creating a stage to shoot your video is very crucial. The background, lighting, and camera angle play a significant role in making your video aesthetic. So, you have to create the desired stage for shooting your video.

Step 7: Prepare For Recording The Video

It is essential to look confident in your videos. If you are appearing in your video, you must not look nervous. To avoid getting nervous, practice your role and part in the video before the recording. 

Step 8: Record the Video

If you have followed all the steps mentioned above, you are ready to hit the record button and shoot the video. Get on the stage, hit the record button, and start speaking as per your script. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes or being nervous.

Allow yourself a few trials, but improvise on them. Retake as many times as you like until you get the desired outcome.

Step 9: Edit The Video

You can use the best, simple, and most reliable YouTube video editor to edit your videos. To edit your videos seamlessly on the YouTube video editor, read “The Beginner’s Guide to Editing YouTube Videos.”

Step 10: Upload The Video

Upload the final version of your video to YouTube with the proper title, thumbnail, description, and tags. Then, you can share your video across all the other social media platforms for better reach. 

We hope you enjoyed our article on making a YouTube video In 10 simple steps. With this stepwise guide, we know that you can create a video that will attract your viewers, engage with them, and ultimately convert them into potential leads.

So please don’t waste any more of your time and get started by following our step-by-step guide on making a YouTube video in 10 simple steps.

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