Are you looking for the oldest language in the world? You are at the right place. Here we will introduce you to the oldest language in the world. Also, there is a list of further 4 oldest languages with a brief history.

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Which is the oldest Language in the world?

For a quick overview, let me tell you that “Arabic” is the oldest language in the world. The Arabic language is the longest surviving language. Even nowadays, most countries speak Arabic.


Oldest Language in the World | Top 5 Languages

Arabic is the oldest language and you can also say it is the first language ever to be spoken on the Earth. We know that Allah speaks Arabic which is clear in the Holy Quran. The whole Quran is in Arabic. Adam was the first person to live on Earth.

Before being living on Earth, “Adam” was in heaven with “Hawa” and Allah told and instructed both of them. So, it is clear that they communicate in Arabic and they both communicate with each other on Earth in Arabic.

That’s why Arabic is the oldest language in the world. Arabic is still spoken in many countries. Arabic is the official language of Saudi Arabia. You can learn Arabic online for free.


Tamil is the second oldest language in the world. Tamil is primarily spoken in India. Tamil is the official language of Tamil Nadu.

It is believed that Tamil is 5000 years old language. It is also the oldest language of the Dravidian languages. Tamil also holds the position of one of the longest-surviving languages ever.

Tamil has a very important role in literature. Many famous poems are written in Tamil.


Sanskrit is the third oldest language. It is believed that Sanskrit first existed 4,000 years ago. Sanskrit is a dead language which means that this language has no native speaker. Some people still know Sanskrit Like “Moriz Winternitz”.

In some areas within India, Sanskrit is still spoken and taught. The text of the language is not difficult but it is different from all other languages which makes it a little difficult to learn. You can learn Sanskrit to protect it from extinction.


Oldest Language in the World | Top 5 Languages

Greek is the official language of Greece and Cyprus. Greek is the 4th oldest language. According to a survey, there are around 13 million native speakers of Greek.

Greek is considered as 2,800 years old language. The oldest pieces of evidence of Greek are found in Messenia. So, we can say that Messenia is the origin of the Greek language. Roman people started calling Greece people, Greek.


Most people think that Latin is older than Greek but in fact, it is not. Latin is the 5th oldest language in the world. Latin is also one of the most famous languages in the world. Latin is also a dead language but some contexts still exist.

According to some reports, the Latin language is 2,700 years old which makes it the fifth oldest language. The first Latin speakers were Roman when the Latin first originated from Palatine Hill. Latin was the only language used in Catholic Church.

According to our list, these are the 5 oldest languages in the world. The oldest language in the world is Arabic.

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