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Know How to Use Safari’s Bookmarks and Tab Groups

Safari's Bookmarks

The sleek aesthetics and wide range of functionalities and features make Macs one of the most powerful machines. Their capabilities are further enhanced by yearly updates released by Apple to augment their security and introduce new feature updates to make it easier for users to use the devices for work or pleasure.

Thanks to the yearly OS updates, Macs’ features are renewed, and users can look forward to getting the best possible experience. As macOS Ventura promises to change how you have used your Mac so far, it is essential to brush up on the Monterey features you might have missed.

For instance, Monterey had come up with some fantastic enhancements to Safari, along with privacy enhancements and improved FaceTime features. The revamped Safari browser introduced by Monterey made users sit up and note all the changes Apple has planned for the future.

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Did you miss out on some of the Safari updates? While there are several changes made to this browser, one that users couldn’t stop raving about is the addition of Bookmarks and Tab Groups. These additions made web browsing much more manageable and helped users keep things organized.

If you haven’t fully used these features, here’s more information to get you started.

Tab Groups & Bookmarks in Safari – What are They?

Bookmarks in Safari
  • Bookmarks

As you know, a bookmark refers to a saved link to a particular webpage or website that users add to their list consisting of saved links. This is a standard or generic feature that almost every popular browser offers natively.

If you are a regular Safari user, you might be performing this task to bookmark your go-to websites and web pages regularly. Then, whenever you need to access your saved links, you can click the bookmark icon and save yourself the trouble of searching for those websites again.

Furthermore, you can manage the saved bookmarks on Safari. If you don’t need some of them anymore and wish to delete bookmarks on Mac, open Safari > click on the sidebar > right-click the saved bookmark > click delete.

  • Tab Groups

The tab groups feature came to Safari recently and is already a massive hit with Mac users. Thanks to this feature, users can segregate the tabs by combining them. You can put them in separate groups. Users can conveniently switch between different groups without needing to switch the Safari window they are currently viewing.

How can you use the Bookmark Feature to your Benefit?

Bookmarks features
  • You can bookmark the URLs of web-based utilities and apps you frequently use. For example, suppose you are writing a novel or aspiring to be a content writer. In that case, you can bookmark Hemmingway Editor, Grammarly, or other online editors so you can access them quickly to speed up your writing process.
  • Use the feature to save websites and web pages that you visit regularly. As you save them, you are saving yourself the trouble of finding these web pages or websites when you need them urgently.
  • The saved bookmarks can be categorized and managed according to your requirements. For example, if you have bookmarked several social media networking sites, you can categorize them, so you don’t have to search for them when you need them urgently. You can even highlight your essential bookmarks.

How can you use the Tab Groups Feature to Benefit you?

Bookmarks in Safari
  • If you have too many open tabs, you can quickly group them so your work is streamlined. Suppose you are working on a document or project requiring you to research multiple topics. You can utilize the tab group feature to get all the information you need on a specific topic and group those tabs for easy access. If you come across other topics necessary for your project, you can group those separately and then switch back and forth. Once you have finished your research, you can close all the tabs with a single click.
  • The separate tabs can be bookmarked for your convenience if you are working on a long-term project. It will help you to keep tab groups for a long time or until you have finished your task. You can save the tabs before clothing the Safari browser.

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The tab groups and bookmark feature of Safari are excellent additions that users thoroughly enjoy. These features enhance the browsing experience and make it easier for people to search and save all the information they need for their projects. You can use these features to quickly become a power user and enhance your productivity and speed.

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It is vital to master these features because macOS Ventura has brought some new features to Safari. For instance, Passkeys. With this feature, you can forget about requiring a password to log into your online accounts. Instead, you only need a digital key. So, before upgrading your system, master the Safari tab group and bookmark feature.

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