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Why Are Trash Cans so Expensive in 2024? 

why are trash cans so expensive

You might be wondering why are trash cans so expensive? Let’s have a look!

The material used in the trash, their quality, the latest technology, and various other aspects plays an important role in the high prices of trash can.

You can buy cheap trash bins as well. 

Initially, the trash cans were made of wood but as time passed it converted into stainless steel, plastic, iron, and other materials. 

We have also covered a guide on how to store recyclables which you can read to take care of recycle bins and trash bins. 

So, let’s get started.

Why are trash cans so expensive?

Frankly, it depends. Not all kinds of trash cans are expensive. Various factors play an important role in the high price tag of trash bins.

You might be wondering why an item that is used to store trash could be so expensive.

Well, the quality, type of material, long-lasting guarantee, and latest technology make their prices high. 

If you are buying a simple trash bin which is made of low or average plastic then it might not be such expensive. 

By taking a look at the below points you will understand why are trash cans so expensive.

Quality product:

The product is made for storing trash doesn’t mean that you should compromise with quality.

When the companies make trash bins especially, they take care of the quality because people store all kinds of items and trash in the bin. So, it is important that the trash bin should last longer.

Also, trash cans for the kitchen are made to avoid bad odor. Kitchen garbage cans can withhold extreme pressure, water, puncture, and fire. 

That’s why companies focus on quality and it plays an important role in the high price tag. You can also see Warranty tags on various trash bins.

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Type of Material:

The type of material that is used in the trash bin also plays a critical role in the high price tag. 

Trash bins are usually made by plastic but if you buy high-quality bins, you will see that the material which is used in the bin is also very strong and unique. 

Some bins are made of stainless steel which don’t absorb bad smell and stains. Simple Human is one of the most popular companies that sell trash cans and recycle bins. 

The simple human trash cans are made with a minimum of 10 years of warranty. Stainless steel can offer such kind of long-lasting products. 

Costco Kohler stainless steel cans and simple human trash cans are still available at good prices which you can buy. 

Technological advancement:

Technological advancement in waste management is revolutionizing the waste management industry.

You see, many trash bins are available in the market that offers sensor activation, voice control, stylish designs, etc. 

You can monitor that trash in your trash bin using your mobile phone now. The technology plays an important role in the high prices of trash cans.

Several trash bins offer voice control to open and close them and let you monitor and manage the trash by using an app on your mobile. 

Now, obviously, these trash cans will cost you a lot of money if you are planning to buy one.

These are some factors that make trash bins expensive. 

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