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Genghis Khan Children, Power, and His Importance

Genghis Khan Children

Have you ever wondered about Genghis Khan’s Children? Do you know how many children Genghis Khan had? Genghis Khan is one of the most well-known people in history. There are lots of rumors, theories, and false stories regarding Genghis Khan.

A khagan is a Nobel rank in Khan’s Family which means Khan of the Khan’s which can also be considered as the king of kings. A khagan is the ruler of Khan’s family. A khagan has complete control of Khan’s community.

Genghis Khan was the former Khagan of the Mongol Empire. He was born in 1162 and died in 1227. Yesugei was the father and Hoelun was the mother of Genghis Khan.

Here we will tell you about the Mongol Empire’s Genghis Khan children, his history, and why was Genghis khan so important.

Genghis Khan Children:

Well, it is impossible to leave “Genghis Khan Children” when talking about Genghis Khan. He had a total of 14 children. His family members’ count is also special for many people. He has been married to 5 women in his life. He had a total of 14 children from 5 wives. Here are the 14 children of Genghis Khan in the following list:

  • Ögedei Khan
  • Jochi Khan
  • Tolui Khan
  • Chagatai Khan
  • Checheikhen
  • Alakhai Bekhi
  • Tümelün
  • Kulkan
  • Alaltun
  • Chawuer
  • Wuluchi
  • Gelejian
  • Shuerche
  • Khochen Beki

Genghis Khan Wife:

Genghis Khan has married 5 women. Abika Khulan was her favorite wife. Genghis Khan’s first wife was Börte. Here is the list of his five wives:

  • Börte
  • Abika Khatun
  • Isukhan Khatun
  • Gurbasu Khatun
  • Gunju Khatun


Genghis Khan is mostly known for his brutality. He is one of the most brutal leaders ever. He started fighting in wars at the age of 13. He was only 13 years old when he first learned sword fighting. Also, his first marriage was held when he was only 13 years old and he also held the position of the empire at this age.

His father was killed by poison leaving the worst memory in his mind for his entire life. He was selected as the leader of his tribe in 1175. Later he decided to ruin all the tribes that were located around Mongols because many other tribes were living within Mongols at that time.

He announced a meeting with the leaders of some powerful tribes and tried to convince them to occupy many locations. He also gave many ideas for the growth of his tribe.

This particular thought made people follow him and the leaders of many tribes of Mongol started following him even accepting him as their leader.

He introduced the Mongol Empire an emerging empire in the world after gaining the position of Khagan. His real name was Temujin but when he started introducing Mongol Empire, he became famous and became well known by the name Genghis Khan.

He has spread his Ambassadors in various countries but his Ambassadors were killed. This act makes him furious. He aims to conquer the whole world. In history, a total of 4 people have conquered the whole world.

He started fulfilling his aim but he didn’t succeed 100%. He started killing all the people that came in his path. He ruined crops and killed animals, men, women, and children. That’s why he is considered as the most brutal leader in the world.

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He conquered a huge area of China and Asia.

Why was Genghis Khan so important?

Here comes an important point. If Genghis Khan was so brutal then why was Genghis Khan so important in history? He established the largest land empire in history. That’s why e is well-known and important in history. So, here we have told you about Genghis Khan’s children, Genghis Khan’s wife, and why were Genghis Khan so important.

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